Guys I know you are getting ready for MOT and Spring so I wanted to list these ball joint dust covers for the rear of 3200s/4200s/and GranSports. These are custom made dust covers for the rear ball joints. They cost $30 a piece (discounted forum rate) or $120 USD for all four. They have the tie wire you will need to install them as well. They are better than OEM, and are individually made (thus the price). Comparison photo of the aftermarket replacement on the right, and OEM on the left in the last photo. Shipping is really dependent upon how fast you want it. It can be a cheap as First Class International Mail which I think is like $14 USD or $45 USD for Express International. Priority International is like $23 Most of you guys know me from the forum and can contact me there. I have a small Facebook page I try to keep up to date that I put in the listing as well. Please feel free to contact me there as well. I'm always building something crazy. I will put a listing up for the rear tie rods as well. I just have been selling out of both the dust covers and tie rods because everyone is getting ready for the Spring. I wanted to put a reminder up for the rest. Remember it's best to do the tie rods and dust covers together at one time since you are dismantling the rear suspension already. You don't want to pay twice to get it done or re-aligned.
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