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    Oil drum man cave seats.

    I have one in my man cave. Love it. It’s even comfortable
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    Rosso mondiale maserati granturismo sport 1 week in!!

    Looks very nice that. Can see why you intend to keep it
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    Got my car detailed

    Looks very good indeed. Result!!!
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    future classics?

    Careful Andy, you’ll get yourself banned for having the temerity to have a different opinion to Phil’s
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    future classics?

    Sounds about right. Presumably you’ll scratch my eyes out next
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    future classics?

    Wrong, you just chose not to read the first post before you started playing mr know it all, shouting your mouth off and calling people names. So you have at least one thing in common with the girls and hairdressers that bought most of those million MX5s. And I shall continue sharing my...
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    future classics?

    Talk about pot calling the kettle.......from the guy who calls people names when he can’t be bothered to read a thread properly first, and is then too arrogant to even acknowledge it. Apparently everybody’s entitled to an opinion on long as it agrees with Phil’s which of course...
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    future classics?

    Because you know I’m right?
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    future classics?

    Likewise Likewise, have owned one of each, no power, no noise, no sense of occasion, neither lasted long.
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    QP £9495

    Looks a very nice QP for that money. And plenty of miles left in it. Could be a real bargain if an inspection confirmed. And the grey/blue/grey interior trim combination works well IMO
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    Gorgeous Red 4.7GTS QP

    Trionfale is a lighter metalic red than the car originally posted. One of the draker reds is Boreaux Pontevecchio
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    Potential new owner - seeking the right Granturismo

    Good for you. It’s hardly been dicked with if replaced by Maserati under warranty. It might be different if replaced outside the dealer network with no Maserati warranty paperwork. A lot of cars get dicked with through exhaust changes and other modifications, use of alternative parts etc. That...
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    Maserati Spyder and QP ‘The History’ Books by Jurgen Lewandowski

    I’ll have the Spyder one please
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    MC Victory anyone!

    I understand it’s Ewan’s