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  1. hukent

    New 3200 owner

    We have an expert on these cars in NZ, I'm sure he will be in touch!
  2. hukent

    V.S.C.C. at Prescott

    I'm at Prescott this weekend for the Classic V.S.C.C. meeting, always some very rare and beautifull pre-war cars there. I'm the M.S.A Steward for the weekend, so the 3200 will be parked near the start line as usual.
  3. hukent


    Decent golf umbrella's are around £30.
  4. hukent

    Question of the day

  5. hukent

    Question of the day

    Which gas is formed when a hydrogen bomb is detonated?
  6. hukent

    Question of the day

    Well yes, I got it round about face!! I think they are still called Tadpoles?
  7. hukent

    Question of the day

    Frog spawn is laid in a string, Toad SPAWN is laid in clumps.
  8. hukent

    Question of the day

    Too easy.................
  9. hukent

    Question of the day

  10. hukent

    Question of the day

    Keep trying...................
  11. hukent

    Question of the day

    Which British Politician used to travel under the pseudonym of James T Kirk ?
  12. hukent

    Question of the day

    Isn't that Dido?
  13. hukent

    Queen of the Nurburgring

    Who was she racing against...................the over 70's blind club!!!! I know she's good but,blimey they were useless!!!
  14. hukent

    Alfa Romeo 159 3.2 V6 Q4 as a daily?

    Buy a Honda CRV, cracking bit of kit. Mine is awesome in the snow, as I've just found out as I had to take a neighbour to Hospital,handles the snow covered roads really well, we've had about 3 inches here.
  15. hukent

    Mgb gt

    Just bought an 1969 MGB GT, to restore. Long shot but does anyone have any MGB bits lying around they don't want, or wish to sell for the required beer tokens?
  16. hukent

    Cruise Control retro fitting guide

    Cruise Control Finally got round to fitting this to my car, but i'm having a problem with it! It accelerates hard when you switch it on, and hunts a bit when cruising at a set speed. I've set the parameters numerous times, but to no avail, any ideas? Regards, Hu.
  17. hukent

    Gilbern GT 1800

    Invaders and Genii's leave me cold I'm afraid.
  18. hukent

    Mg td

    Anyone have any experience of these cars, as I'm thinking of buying one. It's a 1952 TD looks in very nice condition.
  19. hukent

    Gilbern GT 1800

    They were built not 6 miles away!