3200 GT red key


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The original owner of my year 2000 3200GT has refused to hand over the red key despite a court order to do so. I have a red card with a number code.

My question is: I have the opportunity to acquire a red key from a wrecked car,can that key be programmed by an electronic key expert using the code on the red card ?


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Also you need the original red key to program "blank" new black keys to work with your car.

The red card is only for the alarm (makes noise when doors opened without beeing disarmed) . But the red key includes a transponder to autenticate with the ECUs anti-theft system (engine doenst start when not the right key is used). The code for that is on a grey card so you need a grey card and the code form there as well to be complete and to do the alternative start procedure if needed.

Other cars red key has differnt transponder code, so you would need to swap red key/ECU /door locks from the wrecked car and reprogram the black keys.

Potentially there is help here
I've never heard the likes. If you have a court order and previous owner ignoring it, go back to court
Yep. There must be some enforcement. I think the only other option would be a complete replacement of ECU's for alarm and CODE and new locks all round. So I guess you could be getting the bailiffs in to pay for it

if you can find a company that can reprogram the immobiliser you can replace the keys and erase the original red-key from the system. This would render the red key useless. unfortunately the company in wales that did this for me, do not do this any more i don't think. But its possible, and i thought some one recently had found another company that could do it in the UK? You have to get the new keys from Maserati and you cannot buy another RED key, but you can program a new black key to do everything the RED key does, I have a black red key :).
This company in New Zealand seem to be able to sort it out http://www.fixmyimmo.co.nz/index.php?content=maserati_immobiliser_repair there must be some one in Europe who can do it too?


When I bought the 3200 it didn't have a red key as Meridien kept hold of their supplied cars. Wanted to charge me £399 to release it (administration charge) despite my name on the V5 and owning the vehicle. The cheek of it! Got it in the end by asking the original owner to contact them and demand it. What a joke!


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Thanks for the responses,especially the contact in New Zealand. For those puzzled by the circumstances,there is a story which I can tell,but I'll have to omit the names.
The car was bought new by a young Federal politician in Australia in 2000,for more money than he could afford. He compounded the error by also buying a resort apartment. The guy is also an Australian Winter Games Olympian so has an ego to match. When his wife found out about his newly acquired girlfriends she bankrupted his estate & the car went into storage for three years. The second owner bought the car at auction without the red key. As I said he failed to get the key from the original owner. I bought the car with a very good service record & had no problems for seven years. Since replacing the original TB with a Xemodex repaired unit I have had constant problems with erratic nonstarting. The Xemodex unit has now been replaced with a new Magnetti Marelli TB but the intermittent nonstarting problem has persisted. I have a skilled electronics technician trying to track down the problem,as yet no result.
So, the red key is still in the possession of the ex Olympian politician? What good is it to him?

Surely you ask him for it, nicely. If he says no, you flag it up on social media and he looks like even more of an idiot. What has he possibly got to gain by keeping the red key to your car? If ever the car goes missing, he's in the frame. Or if the key goes missing while supposedly under his control, he has a case to answer to you (arguably). He's in a lose-lose situation. He needs to give you the key and move on, surely.