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David Askew supports

David Askew supports


My interest in Maseratis started when I was 5 years old, flicking model racing cars with my thumb - BMWs, Alfas, Mercs, and Maseratis. I wish I still has these models as they would be very desirable today (despite being badly bruised!). This interest (along with some family ties) has led me to make monthly trips to Italy, during which I scour breaker's yards and various other parts suppliers..

I have bought cars both to break, and for re-sale purposes (knowing that the experience of driving another Maserati back to the UK will be fun in itself!).

My stockpile, although not large, is steadily increasing in quantity and diversity. I am normally able to fulfill any request within 4 weeks, as I can find what I need on my next visit to Italy.

I have been visiting Italian scrapyards ever since my first purchase of a Maserati in 1995 (a black/grey 430). My original business took me abroad on a regular basis, so it made sense to source new and used parts from the home of Maserati.

I also purchased a silver Biturbo Coupe soon afterwards, which had light front-end damage, with the intention of getting it back onto the roads. 2 years on (and £5000 later) the partially finished car was sold for £3000. This was a learning (albeit costly) experience during which I learnt much about the construction & failings of the cars.

Most of my stock is for the Biturbo range of cars (1982-1992) although I do also carry parts for later Ghibli models, and more recently the 3200 and 4200 models. The cost of collating stock to cover any request is financially not possible for me, but I am able to source most quickly (whether new or used, and for a variety of models).

I am beginning to become acquainted with the various breaker's yards throughout northern Italy where different models can be located. The demand for Biturbo parts in Italy is flagging as the price of these cars reduces. Hence cars are often completely crushed in order to free up space for a modern Fiat (or similar). Consequently it has become more difficult to find these treasures.

David Askew
Manor Cottage
Manor Road
Claybrooke Magna
LE17 5AY

General Email Enquiries:


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The Maserati Shed supports

The Maserati Shed supports


Welcome to The Maserati Shed, Hampshire and the Solent area's only Nineties and Naughties Maserati and Alfa Romeo specialist. What you won't find is a gleaming city centre showroom that's all smiles, high hourly labour rates, and no real knowledge of your car if it's older than five years.

What you will find is a small, well equipped workshop with the skills - and most importantly - the enthusiasm for 1990s and 21st century Italian sports and performance cars, in an easy to find rural location between Southampton and Portsmouth.

Both our vehicle lifts are made by the Italian firm of Ravaglioli - perfect for your Italian car, and a Blackhawk body jig for those "oops, what tree?" moments and minor body repairs. However, for major bodywork we would recommend an outstanding local body shop that produces consistently higher quality work than we're capable of.

We have the very latest Fiat/Alfa Romeo Examiner Smart computer diagnostic system, and the Maserati Sistema Diagnosi 2 (SD2) computer diagnostic system, as well as lots more for the older cars (Fiat/Marelli Tester for older Alfas, Fiats, Lancia Delta Integrales and obscure stuff like the Lancia Ferrari Thema 8.32 and the Marielli Unitest 5000 for the first generation of electronic fuel injected Maseratis).

Our Sistema Diagnosi 2 (SD2) system is the official dealer diagnostic system for the V8 cars, both Maserati and Ferrari engined - 3200GT, 4200GT, Gransport, Quattroporte, and Coupe. With Maserati dashboards often lighting up like Piccadilly Circus whenever you turn the ignition key, be reassured that we will be able to quickly track down the cause and rectify it before it becomes an expensive problem, or just turn off an annoying airbag warning light that's come on because you've had a flat battery one morning...

Having the right diagnostic equipment for these cars is vital, especially if there is something wrong as it can pinpoint the problem quickly and accurately avoiding the expensive "replace everything until it's fixed" philosophy of the non-specialist garage. If considering using another independent specialist, ask them if they have this equipment. If they don't, walk away...

The Maserati Shed
Whitehaven Workshop
Trampers Lane
Hants, PO17 6BP
United Kingdom

Telephone: 01329 834016
Text: 07787 557408
General Email Enquiries:


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Autoshield supports

Autosheild supports


Autoshield was opened in 1985 and is owned and managed by Marios Kriticos, who started the company after returning from the Middle East where he worked as a service manager for BMW and later as an engineer in the transport department at Dubai Airport.

Originally Autoshield specialised in automotive electrical work and soon became a regular service agent for the main Maserati dealer in Manchester. Now acting as a consultant it wasn’t long before Marios was asked to become an official Maserati service centre for the North West and Autoshield Maserati was born. After a few years he was then offered the opportunity to expand into a full dealership, but declined. Preferring instead to focus on the service side of the business.

Now an established specialist in all things Maserati and Ferrari, Autoshield Maserati have a wealth of experience covering everything from the ‘classic’ cars and Bi-Turbo’s right through to the latest GT’s and Quatroporte’s.

Marios is a respected member of the Maserati Club UK and regularly attends their events. With a personal collection of old, rare and modern Maserati’s, Marios is as passionate about the marque as his customers. He’s also a regular participant in an annual European driving tour where he participates as a driver, offers technical support to other drivers and contributes the fund raising effort. A true enthusiast!requirements.

Autoshield Maserati Ltd
465 Barlow Moor Road
Manchester, M21 8AU
United Kingdom

Telephone: 0161 881 3463
Fax: 0161 881 1515
General Email Enquiries:


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Emblem Sports Cars supports

Emblem supports


Emblem Sports Cars
The South Coasts' independent specialists devoted to Ferrari, Maserati and Lamborghini. Established name, traditional values and a highly personal service at a competitive price. With a professional team who have between them over 40 years combined main dealer experience, we passionately believe in quality and integrity, applying the highest possible standards in everything we do.

Isn’t that what you and your car deserve?

Emblems DNA
Emblem Sports Cars (UK) started life in 1972 when the founders – John and Maria Woodfield - purchased a 24 year old country business known as Pimperne Garage in Dorset. Their objective was to provide the South Coast with a service for high performance car owners (Alfa Romeo, BMW, Ferrari and Lancia) that was personal and second to none.

Emblem became a very successful Ferrari specialist, later becoming one of the first factory approved Ferrari dealers on the South Coast. The name became synonymous within the UK for its’ passion for Italian sports cars. This business was sold upon the retirement of John Woodfield and the Emblem name disappeared from the scene.

Emblem Today
Emblem Sports Cars Limited was relaunched some years later in Bournemouth and includes team members who served their apprenticeship at the Pimperne premises. Emblem continues the levels of personal service and specialisation so successfully established over 45 years before by the late John Woodfield.

We are passionate about our core values of INTEGRITY, TRANSPARENCY and PERSONAL SERVICE. Fully equipped with the very latest diagnostic equipment, tooling and components for Ferrari and Maserati, our principal technicians have over 40 years combined main dealer experience ranging from the 1960’s V12 to F40 and Enzo for Ferrari and Bi-turbo to the latest Quattroporte for Maserati. For Lamborghini from Countach to Diablo and Gallardo.

Emblem Sports Cars Limited
Unit 2c & 2d
Sharp Road
BH12 4BG

Telephone: 01202 722247
General Email Enquiries:


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Shiltech Performance supports

Shiltech supports


Established over 15 years ago, By Geoff Shilton, Shiltech has achieved success both on and off the track. Cars prepared by Geoff and his team finished second and third in their respective classes of the Maranello Challenge. Shiltech also supported VRS British GT Team in the 2007/8 British GT championship. Geoff, working as the chief engine builder at Graypaul for many years, has invaluable experience in all areas of the marque, with previous projects spanning from the infamous "P series" cars right the way through to the classic 308 and everything in between. This knowlege of the marque is seen with Shiltechs Team of Skilled technicians, well versed in all eras of the Ferrari/Maserati name.

Our Dedication and care in the field of performance cars ensures you get the treatment your car deserves, and wth experience in most areas of the performance trade, means we are able to cater for all of your needs, whether you want an annual service all the way through to full track day attendance and custom designed and built race machines.

If it's a Ferrari or a Maserati then there's little that Shiltech Performance Cars won't know about it. Geoff Shilton alone has over 30 years of Ferrari/Maserati experience

Tel: 01509 210 630
Fax: 01509 269 993


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Giallo supports


Giallo was founded in 2005 with the goal of servicing and repairing high performance, prestige and sports cars. Since 2005, we have worked exceptionally hard at providing a top quality service, making us one the countries leading Maserati specialists.

Each and every client receives a bespoke service that compliments the ownership of these fantastic cars, from a simple bulb replacement to a full engine rebuild. Whatever you want, we are pleased to advise and assist and our enthusiasm and passion ensures a fantastic level of service, we guarantee all our workmanship for a minimum of 12 month's or 12,000 miles.

To complement Maserati service and repairs - we are also applying our expertise and reputation to another niche marque, the fantastic Mini. After extensively investing in both training and equipment for both manufacturers, we can confidently provide a good quality service locally.

Key points worth considering for choosing us:
  • Combined 12 Years experience of the Maserati brand in our very small team
  • Currently training to achieve ATA (Accreditted Technician Association)
  • One of the first Delphi petrol service agents in the UK
  • Currently asscertaining Motor Codes of Practice
  • All equipment is maintained and serviced as necessary
  • We have some very advanced diagnostic equipment available to any garage
  • A really friendly atmosphere and friendly staff.

We aim to provide our clients with a knowledgeable and friendly service whilst maintaining a high level of customer satisfaction. All our prices are a flat rate, with no hidden extras, and we use only high quality products.

ATA (Accredited Technician Association) is a scheme that brings a benchmark to the motor industry for technicians. At Giallo, we are committed to gaining the highest Master technician Certification for key staff. Our apprentice will also complete the service technician certification as well. This scheme is not a compulsory qualification but a voluntary one but we believe it is very important to our business needs and services we supply, we also using this principle to ascertain the Motor Codes of Practice.

We are extremely enthusiastic about your vehicle and we work hard to ensure the service we give is exceptional and individual. Our facilities are located in Tonbridge, Kent and are easily accessible from the M25 motorway along the A21.

Giallo Cars Limited
London Road
Kent, TN11 9ND

Tel: 01732 835692
Fax: 01732 835327


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Richard Grace Cars Supports


Maserati sales and sourcing

With a breadth of knowledge of the prestigious Maserati brand, we specialise in supplying Maserati 3200, 4200, Gransport, Quattroporte and Granturismo as well as classic Maseratis. We also have a great deal of experience with certain other marques, including Aston Martin, Porsche, Audi and Ferrari.

All the cars we supply have a comprehensive service history and are fully serviced if required and inspected by highly regarded independent specialists or main dealerships. This ensures that we are providing competitively priced cars which are fully prepared to the highest standards, both mechanically and cosmetically. This gives peace of mind to our customers, as these independent experts will always be willing to share their opinions on the cars.

If you are looking for a particular model or specification of car which we do not have in stock, and would like us to help, please do get in touch with us as we also source cars for our clients. Our consultative approach to our clients lets you make informed decisions, saving you time and money. We are often able to find cars to a requested specification, have them fully prepared, checked, and serviced if required, at a price lower than many other dealers who may not include this service with their cars. We supply many more cars than the ones for sale on our site, so if you’re looking for a Maserati, or any other special car, please do contact us.

We supply comprehensive 6 month warranties with all our cars. These warranties have a list of parts which are excluded rather than those which are included, so customers are fully aware of what is covered. They can also be extended to 12, 24 or 36 months.

We are able to provide all types of finance on our cars at extremely competitive rates.

We accept all major credit & debit cards.

Tel: 01244 880825 / 07734 394699


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FTECH Engineering supports


Independent Ferrari and Maserati specialist

Ftech Engineering was originally founded by Dan Belli.

After many years learning his trade in the motor industry, Dan successfully gained a position as a technician at Carrs Ferrari and Maserati, Exeter. This was back in the early 2000’s and is where he began working on all the then, current models of both Italian marque’s, as well as all the classics. He learned about the product and the passion behind both brands. He also attended many training courses while at Carrs and gained a wealth of product knowledge. In 2009 Dan joined Porsche Exeter as a Diagnostic Technician and was thrust into a very busy and fast paced workshop gaining even more knowledge of the supercar world. But his continued passion for working on Ferrari and Maserati led him to look elsewhere and so…

In 2010 Dan moved to London to join the team at HR Owen Ferrari and Maserati as a diagnostic technician, again working on all models. He continued attending training courses and soon rose to become a senior diagnostics technician, working on some of the rarest and most expensive cars in the world; 288 GTO, F40, F50, Enzo and MC12 to name but a few. He also oversaw all junior technician work so that the highest dealer standards were always achieved. Dan also worked on many celebrity customers cars whilst at HR Owen and was also responsible for personally overseeing several Ferrari collections who’s owners insisted he be the one to carry out all work. This sometimes involved visiting the collections at their storage facility. In 2014 Dan moved back to Exeter, Devon and, on a self-employed basis, joined the team at SCS Porsche, an independent and well respected Porsche specialist based near Monition.

As Dan was an independent technician he was able to persuade the owners of SCS to kindly allow him the use the workshop facilities for his new business venture, Ftech Engineering, whilst still carrying out work for them. Although Dan had some degree of success he knew that to really make Ftech happen he needed to be able to focus fully on the business and his passion for Ferrari and Maserati. At this point, a chance discussion with an SCS customer called Tim Wadman, a local businessman and confirmed car and motorcycle enthusiast, led to Dan and Tim agreeing to start Ftech Engineering Ltd and embark on making the company into a fully independent Ferrari and Maserati specialist facility in the southwest of England. Tim was impressed with Dan’s experience, attitude and attention to detail when working on customers vehicles and could see tremendous potential in his ideas. He had no hesitation in forming a business relationship with Dan and so this is where we are today……Ftech Engineering Ltd…..committed to bringing a new and rewarding experience to owners of Ferrari’s and Maserati’s in the Southwest and beyond.

Tel: 01392 829599



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AV Engineering supports


Independent Ferrari and Maserati specialist

AV Engineering are Mechanical Engineer specialising for Ferrari and Maserati. If you are an owner living in London or the South East of the UK then please take a look at the services that we offer.

Light Restoration

We offer a restoration service for most mechanical components which results in a better-than-factory finish. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Routine Servicing

We offer routine servicing that, in most cases, goes beyond the manufacturers specification. As soon as your car rolls into my workshop we treat it as if it were my own. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Diagnostic Services

We have SD2, SD3, Leonardo, Texa and my own custom written software which provides coverage for every system ever fitted to a Ferrari or Maserati. Being able to read the codes is one thing, however my our depth knowledge of how the control systems work means that diagnostic time is reduced whilst accuracy is excellent – meaning lower costs for you. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Mechanical Repairs

All types of mechanical repairs undertaken. We prefer to repair or refurbish wherever possible in order to maintain originality and cut costs. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Tel: 01233 742 732



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Christian Lewis supports


Ferrari and Maserati Performance and Classic Car Specialist


If you're looking to purchase a classic or modern supercar look no further. Any car in our stock goes through Christians 111 point check to ensure any issues are our problem. Anything discovered will be dealt with pre-sale ensuring your acquisition is as satisfying as you wanted it to be. If we don't have anything you're interested in please feel free to email the team, we're more than happy to help your search for your dream car.


As an Aston Martin Works Technician of ten years and Independent Workshop Manager for a further seven, Christian Lewis' experience of servicing, upgrading and bespoke fitting is second to none. Now leading his own team of mechanics, we have the expertise to service a whole host of cars. Our facility boasts the latest in specialist tooling, as well as the factory diagnostic tools.


The team we have assembled over the years is second to none for classic restoration. Our group of technicians have accrued over a century of experience and have all spent time working at Aston Martin Production or Maserati/Ferrari UK during there handcrafted eras. The work we offer can be anything from a light tidy up, a sympathetic preservation to ensure the cars patina remains as is, all the way to a full 0 miles rebuild. Our engine shop also do full rebuilds and maintenance on aging Maseratis, Astons, Porsche or Ferrari.

Tel: 01234 347122



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Soprano Stu's Trident Spares supports


New and Used parts for Maserati & Ferrari Specialist


As well as a large selection of USED parts we also stock many NEW parts too. All USED parts are fully inspected, cleaned and reconditioned. See our full listing at our website below and call for special discounted prices for members...remember to mention that when calling!

Comprehensive stock with fast delivery.

Tel: 07860 446039



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AIB Insurance supports

Hello to all Maserati lovers and enthusiasts from AIB Insurance!

Most of you will be familiar with us but Airsports Insurance Bureau (AIB) are a specialist UK imported, modified and performance vehicle broker, established for over 20 years and able to cover almost any type of vehicle including Dodge, Ford, Chevrolet, Pontiac, Chrysler, Lincoln and Cadillac.

We understand that your special car deserves a special policy and can tailor the most suitable policy around your needs, giving you peace of mind.
Our highly-qualified team of advisors know that high performance car insurance is unique and they will help you find the best quality cover for the best price. We are able to cover new, classic and vintage vehicles and anything in-between and able to cover almost any UK postcode.

Some of the options we can provide depending on the vehicle:
• Agreed value cover *ask for details
• Choice of repairer
• Garaging discounts
• Discount for Club Members
• Breakdown cover *ask for details
• Limited Mileage policies
• Business Use
• Bespoke Personal Insurance Service
• Multi-Car Discount
• Leased vehicles and Laid Up Cover

Come and check us out at or give the team a call now on 02380 268351 for an instant quote and cover.

We look forward to hearing from more of you and saving you money!

Tel: 02380 268351