Gransport 48k Miles 23500

Could be. I thought that had the cream leather with black tech cloth...There has been a few with red badges though over the years.


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If it passes an inspection or the cost to being it up to standard brings the total to less than £30k it probably represents a decent buy
I assume it is the ADG car - it's has ADG plates, Giallo service stamps, and is a 54 reg. Same. For the sake of just a few Pounds, why on earth doesn't someone fit a new Trident?

Assuming it passes an inspection it would make a great daily, as at that price you could use it all the time without worry of devaluing it by adding miles. If it had 20k more miles on it you could ask the same price. So, free motoring in one of Maserati's best models. What's not to like about that!
Its a tech cloth one so only worth about £25k tops . Plus its been serviced at Giallo , that ll knock a bit off the value :p No one will buy it with that stupid badge on the front . Thought that would have been changed by now .

Cars serviced by Giallo from my experience are very well-maintained, if anything adding value in my books. I’m with you on the red trident and the tech cloth though.

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Yes, that it is one seriously messed up badge. Cosmetic enhancements should enhance. That just looks nasty.

The rest of the car, on the other hand, looks good!


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I wonder if they've fixed the cracked surf board on the drivers side (from memory).

When ADG had it it didn't look very well looked after to be honest. Which is probably why they struggled to sell it.
Something a bit odd. Cazana list the car as MOT due to expire in November 2017.

If you try and do a search on the UK MOT history checker website then the registration is not valid.

That usually means the registration has changed. The new reg if it has one is not listed on cazana yet.
i like the John Holland one as well.... Didn't Ewan have a nasty experience with them ? ..... Not dealt with them myself though and they have some lovely stock...


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Here you go

13-02-2018, 09:03 AM


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Chris - which car are you having inspected? If it's the one from John Holland, I'd advise you to contact me privately before parting with any money. If it's not that car, crack on!
Are GS prices starting to level out or even drop slightly.....A few months back you would struggle to get one much under 30k let alone for 25k or less....or is it a case of the good cars being pushed by specialists still over and in some cases well over 30k and the ones that may needwork are falling. Out of the 7 cars in AT 2 are over 30k and the others range from 23k to 29k and two of those are 25k or under. I didn't think we would see many under 30k these days even the ropey ones were 28kish a while back....Suppose the best examples will always be collectable and fetch the good money.