GranSport on the cover of Modern Classics magazine

The sheer in gear pull is astounding in the 911. The 997 was very nearly as bludgeoning as the 996 Turbo. Sadly, it lacked the fingertip delicacy (channeling Troy *****) I was expecting.
I've driven a few 911s - 993 Carrera, 996 Carrera 2, 996 Carrera 4, 996 Turbo, 996 GT3, 997 Tiptronic, 997 PDK and only the GT3 delivered thrills to match the 911 hype. That wore off when I saw myself in the reflection of traffic in a jam on the Holloway Road - a fat bloke in a suit in a car with more wings than an Always Extra factory. The 996 Turbo is a staggering car, but it lacked the GT3's steering fizz; it felt like it would grip and grip, and grip, until it wouldn't. At that rate of knots I'd be collected for burial with a sponge. Utterly amazing experience that should but Done once, but it lacks a certain tactile fizz. A bit like the Audi RS6 V10, really.

The GS isn't perfect - despite reading about the ride in period, I was truly shocked by how harsh it was. I'd driven them before, but the roads around Richard Grace's HQ are very smooth. In Yorkshire it was very nearly as bad as my Alfa's, and that's on Eibach Pro Street Coilovers and ARBs! I'd still have one though...
I bought the magazine and read the article. It is well-written and paints a fair picture for all three cars. The question on the cover "is the 991 Still King" seems to be no, its now the Aston. I can live with that - but my preference would be the Porsche over the Aston as manual AM's are not easy to find and I hear mixed reports about the Touchtronic gearbox (or maybe they are not set up correctly?). The 996 Turbo is blistering and that why I have one as well as the GS and enjoy them both in their different ways.
Good write up.