Greetings from Greece

Hello everyone

I'm George I'm 37 yo looking info and advices for my first Maserati.
I'm doing research for the Ghibli II .. It was a car I used to drive about it in car magazines and it kinda has stuck in my head.

So I'll be hanging around to see what I can learn about those cars.


Swedish Paul

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I was in Thessaloniki in the summer watching the team from the small Swedish town where I live playing in the Europa league playoffs against PAOK. We lost there but won the return.
Yia sou Yiorgo
Eisai kala?

This is the place to pick up tips and advice, I know a few who had the Ghibli I’ll let them know and hopefully they will be on to give you advice
Γεια σε ολους

Yea .. Chalkidiki is a great place.
I go to Thessaloniki at least 2 times per month.
Unfortunately there's only one Ghibli for sale there but it's pretty nice .. Well I hope I'll be able to buy one durring Winter, now it's the busiest time of year for me and I can't do much..
But later this year or early next I'll do my move .

So far I've had mostly BMW's ..
I started with my fathers BMW E28 518i, the I bought a Seat Ibiza Cupra 1.8T, then a BMW E46 320Ci, then a BMW E70 X5, now my wife drives a Lancia Delta III and I have a 2009 BMW E60 530xi.
I want the Ghibli for the weekends .. For short trips not as a everyday car for 2-3.000 km per year.
Dear George
Also welcome from me. I love your country too.................especially Greek women.........mama mia!
Like a towering forest fire. Mesmerising, hot, hot, hot......and bloody dangerous! ;)
Looking forward to doing some chilled out island hopping in Greece next year and supporting the island economies.


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Thank you guys .
I'm searching for a nice clean Ghibli II and so far I've only found one that's good.
I may grab that one but I'd like to see a couple more.
I've asked around and I'm waiting replies.

If all goes well I'll pick up one early next year.


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I had a specialist garage there for seven years, we did Most if the islands sports/super cars. It was called platinum supercars, based in Dali.
Geia sas! Seems there are more crazy Greeks here than just me :) Born in London to Cypriot parents. I guess you must know Nitin, now at Scuderia Scaglieti in london, but he worked for the main Ferrari/Maserati agent in Cyprus I believe. It was certainly strange talking to an Indian in Greek ;)