Lamborghini Urus

If it was available to buy next month I would probably buy one.
So it’s a good job it’s not. But It’s also a good job portofinos aren’t available yet either. Lucky
For my bank balance and my marriage.
It’s frustrating to see GTs prices dipping and Prancing donkeys staying static or slowly rising.
Does anyone know Did Yeti sell his strad in the end - or did he keep it alongside his new purchase?
Very well said. Mark my words, people will lament the passing of the GTS/GC when they eventually have to kill it off. What replaces it will have more technology, be more conformist with regulation (whatever power unit it eventually gets) and therefore, IMO will lose even more of the Maserati passion and dna. It may be a great car, but will it be a car people future generations want to own and keep. I doubt it

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Fully agree


I’ll take one in Ewan’s spec, please. Definitely not in the usual Lambo colours!
I haven't paid much attention to the Urus, but now I've seen it I really like it! A yellow one with a black stripe would clash with my lime green Huracan* parked next to it, so I'll go for one in grey. Even my RR is subtle!

*this is a dream, hopefully not a pipe dream!


I saw a Yellow one with black stripe online a few weeks ago. It would suit you but you'd need a booster seat to see over the steering wheel.