NIT units or What's in the arm rest of a 4200?

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I understand from the specs that the parrot screen has an SD card reader in it. Do you know if it will read music files and track titles from there rather than an Ipod/IPhone. My current in car music selection is on a small usb hard drive read by the blue and me system in the Alfa. My phones Android and I don't tend to keep music on it so the usb port or sd card would be the better option for me. Seems to be a few good offers around on the parrot kit at the moment. so I may take the plunge sooner rather than later.
Answered my own question. I found it on an installers website that it does from the USB port and the SD card slot
I've found a couple of place doing the mki9200 v3 kit for under £140 so seems good value for what it can do. I Will find the manual to download. The only slight downside i can see is the volume is controlled by the parrot amp rather than the cars stereo. would i be right in saying if you dont play music via the parrot system from either radio or cd that it reverts to the car stereo volume controls unless a call comes in to activate the mute function.
David took a look at my NIT in Cumbria, and with his wealth of knowlage found that all I needed to get Sat Nav was an antenna and a softwear up-grade. Just £8.99 later via e-bay and I am up and running.
Just got my sat nav working :) after much confusion as to why it wasn't working properly. Sat nav disc was present. The map showed I was always in the North east. It always showed me either in a field, In a lake on one occasion and never on a road although the map did sometimes move and show different things and roads on the screen bearing no resemblance to where I was at the time.

No GPS lock was showing so the icon was greyed out on the screen. Opened arm rest to access NIT. No GPS antenna present. I have no idea how it was showing the car moving at times.

Ordered GPS antenna. Fitted in a temporary position for now. Still nothing no GPS lock. Used the car as normal for the week but still no GPS lock. Came back to this thread. Thought process turned to software upgrade may be needed. I accessed the hidden menu mentioned to in this thread and found there is a GPS and radio diagnostic function in the hidden menu. Ran the GPS diagnostic and 10 seconds later the sat nav icon turned green and everything is working.

The last thing I need to do is change the sat nav voice to English. I will then move the antenna to a more permanent location.
Best place for the antenna is under the dashboard top vent. Easy to remove the two screws and using doubke side velcro stick in there yiu can then feed the wire down the dash and under the centre consol. Thats what I did in Maser #1
Best place for the antenna is under the dashboard top vent. Easy to remove the two screws and using doubke side velcro stick in there yiu can then feed the wire down the dash and under the centre consol. Thats what I did in Maser #1
That's my job for next Sunday. It's sat in the cup holder at the moment until I get chance to move it.
That's my job for next Sunday. It's sat in the cup holder at the moment until I get chance to move it.
Sat nav antenna now fitted under the front vent. I fitted it while i was installing the parrot mki9200. For anyone else that needs to fit a sat nav antenna. Velcro strips or foam sticky pads and fit it under the front centre air vent two screw and lift out the housing. Drop the cable under the dash and tuck under the trim along the transmission tunnel and up to the back of the NIT. The antenna unit need to sit on the bridge between the two vent holes at the very front of the air vent recess. This ensures it wont foul on the air vent housing cover when you replace it. Invisable fit once its done.


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Great thread, thank you for sending me through to it, look forward to getting the Loudlink system and getting it installed!
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Have a look at this thread as well as it shows you the back of the nit. You have the choice with the loudlink of either fitting it inside the lid of your arm rest or you can fit in the boot and disconnect the cd multichanger if you have one.


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Very helpful for me, even 7 years later! The explanation of the detachment of the NIT unit and the description of the connections ended my time-consuming research!
A very big THANK YOU from Munich!


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Thanks for an interesting thread!

I have the green satelite antenna signal, so I Guess I have a GPS signal. It even shows how many satelites it recieves signal from. BUT I don't have the CD With the map.... As I just bought the car, I still need to find out some small Things about it and this forum is the real source for me right now! So here goes:

1) What map CD should I get? And where? and at what price? How can I get the latest software upgrde for it?

2) My car has no CD changer. I like CDs to be honest!! I want a CD changer. Is this a special CD changer, or can I get one from a stereo-manufacturer?

I also want my car to play my phone Music via bluretooth. I did some reaseasch, and found out that Alpine has a wireless unit that can be put anywere in the car, and plays Music from my phone and is a handsfree phone system when paired with the phone via Bluetooth. Since Norway no longer use FM, all radio is sent on DAB. This is a really pain in the *** because cars without DAB radios, will not play any radio anymore.... So this Alpine system does also play DAB radio. The wiring must of course be wired though.

3) Has antone installed this unit?


Miket has one of those in his spyder and he highly rates ot sure he will be along with his views

Blaupunkt cd changer in the boot but the system is of the era where it is very sensitive to what type of cds you put in it and refuses to play CD-Rs only original CDs so it's useless to me

Also the sat nav is antiquated, unless the roads in Norway have not changed in 20 years I would not bother the money time and energy into sourcing the CD unless someone happens to give it to you. You are much better off getting a nice looking magnetic phone cradle that clips over the vent and use waze or Google maps


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Do cars without the 6CD Changer in the boot still come wired for it?

As others have said, the CD changer units are pretty fussy. Mine has almost completely stopped working in fact.

I plan to replace mine with an mp3 player, that uses USB or SD card:

(I have no connection to the seller, nor have I used them, I'm posting this link only to show the product!)

That plugs in where the CD changer is, in the boot, doesn't skip like a CD does, and has no issues being read.
I haven't played around with it much as I bought it to fit to my Fiat Panda, and only temporarily tried it in the Maserati to see if it works.
I *think* it will only allow 6 folders of music (6 'CDs') with 99 songs max since the Maserati system only has 6 slots.
In the Fiat it allows many more, but it uses up and down to change discs, not numbers 1 through 6.

CD changer wise, there are a number on eBay if you search 4200 CD changer. They were also fitted to some Fiats, and I think Citreons, so cheaper ones can be found. I gave up due to them being old and a bit unreliable.
As for fitting in the boot, again I don't know what the non CD changer cars are like, but the changer unit simply fits into a carpeted panel that velcros in place on the left of the boot.
Do cars without the 6CD Changer in the boot still come wired for it?
I believe so. I might still have one in the garage, but odds on it working now hover about nil, or less. It is a standard Balupunk unit and anything that pretends to be a changer should work.



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With regards to the Ebay bluetooth/sd card unit or the Alpine version....When making blutooth phone calls, can the factory microphone connect to these units, or do we have to use the ones bundled with them and re-route them near the rear view mirror?

This one looks good: ???
Having refitted the factory phone kit to my car, the factory microphone plugs into the car loom local under the headliner.
I guess you could cut off the plug, and wire to the new kit.


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I have a 2009 GT. I have all the buttons for telephone and have put my sim in the slot but I get the message 'option not available'. I assume this means that my car is not wired for this option? Or is there something else I need to do?

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