Question of the day

Pedant alert.

I was always taught that black is not a colour, it is a shade caused by the combination of the three primary colours.

I’ll get my coat...
As some of you know I write and present a weekly quiz. One of the rounds is a theme round. 5 questions that give you clues and the last question being what is the connection. Something a bit different from the normal style of question.

Your five clues are:

1. Which Character did Martin Shaw play in The Professionals ?
2. An electrical device fault or malfunction is known as a what circuit ?
3. Bearing its name Kendal is famous for which type of cake ?
4. Robert Carlyle played a police officer and title role of which Scottish comedy drama series ?
5. A person who is very cleaver could be called a what pants ?

My question is what is the connection between the answers from the 5 clue questions given.