Ready for some daily action.........


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7 months in my GS and I have covered 3,000 miles so it is now knocking on the door of 70K but with full and timely service history and most of the major stuff that inevitably goes on these cars done (though that is not to say it won't need doing again since these cars achilles heels do seem to be persistent).

In my ownership I have taken care of quite a few cosmetic things as well as the rather huge 4th year service all of which I budgeted for when buying the car:

Tidy up of paintwork and GTechniq Crystal Serum applied

Full rustproofing (no rust apparent prior and clean bill from rustrpoofers on strip-down)

Leather restoration (the ivory panels on both front seats were showing wear commensurate with mileage, they now look stunning)

New wheels and wheel centres (the car was originally specified on ball-polished wheels but these were changed prior to first sale to Grigio Mercury, I personally prefer silver wheels on a black car; see photos)

New rear tyres (Goodyear Eagle)

New door mirror glass (heated elements gone on originals)

Replacement map light

Replacement passenger airbag deactivation switch

Replacement boot struts

Replace oil pressure sender

Replace Passenger Door Seal

New floor mats ready to be fitted


Fit Saetta badges

(Note car was built before LE spec existed but is full LE spec aside from my choice of wheels and bright grille colour, it also has cruise control and original Becker Sat Nav and GSM)

4th year service including Lambda Sensors and Carbon Filter, Air-Con recharge, Aux Belt all fluids etc etc. all by the book

(Yes I had all the Lambdas changed before an engine light, this is the second change on this car in its lifetime, I have kept the ones that came off the car as spares)

That was a lot of money to spend to end up with a car that doesn't look that different from the day I collected her :)

The handbrake was adjusted at service to get through the MOT and now squeaks which is annoying. Ball joint covers slightly lifted was picked up as an advisory both sides.

but I feel she is ready for some daily action now........



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That interior looks great, I’ve had mine about 5months but only covered 600 miles. I did the same and spent a fair bit when I first got my 3200, but most of it was preventative maintenance so all good.


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That is a gorgeous looking thing, way beyond me, but let's hope we have a bucket load of good summer days under those tyres.
Nice interior colour combo. I'm looking forward to using mine a little more this year I understand they really love regular use as long as it is not very short journeys (less than 30 minutes)


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Stunning GS, great colour combo.

Mines on similar miles - 68K, need to get the big service done this year, reckon a trip to AV Engineering


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Ball Joint Covers - as above these were picked up as an MOT advisory. I have seen replacements from FD for the rear covers but the advisory was for the front. What preventative maintenance options are there for the front ball joints?


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Would you be able to let me know more about the rustproofing that you’ve mentioned and who carried out the work? Cheers, Peter


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Would you be able to let me know more about the rustproofing that you’ve mentioned and who carried out the work? Cheers, Peter
I went here

Very friendly, efficient and cost effective. It is a horrible job and Robert just gets on with it and puts it all back together properly. I think they have a Facebook page which has lots of pictures and questions answered.