Stormshield+ External tailored car cover for 3200, 4200 or GS


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Hiya Jack,
I am looking for a cover, last one I had was pinched by my ex and I paid about £75 to a member on here, great cover..!! I am interested but would have to get one of the lads to pick it up for me as I am in the north..!! I will pm you my number


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I am due to collect it today I am afraid Robert...
Jimmy, how well does it fit. I bought exactly the same one and disappointed with the cover. Once on, it’s very tight at the rear and only comes about half way down over the rear wheels. I also bought one for my BM 850 which is not a very common car but it fits perfectly. Maybe I was supplied with the incorrect one, but too late now as I have used it for a while, so it just a matter of interest really. Cheers.


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It's a slightly disappointing fit but I wouldn't say bad. The cut across the windscreen and roof isn't quite tight enough and it leaves it a little "baggy" which means the water collects on it a bit. It has only been out of the bag for a few days though so the creases are still relatively prominent - hoping these will ease out of it once it softens. It's also been pretty cold which won't help I don't imagine. It does cover the vast majority of the wheel though, exposing probably only 10 cm on one side. I did pull it over the car quite tightly and also did up all 4 straps properly which helped.