Trolley Jack & Axle Stands Comparison

Just thought I would share this in case it helped anyone looking.

Got in a new SGS trolley Jack, a little portable Bottle Jack with case for boot & pair of ratchet axle stands.

Last year I bought a 2 tonne low profile Halfords trolley Jack & pair of 3 tonne axle stands as didn't have any so I could do the 4200 hybrid project. They are OK but not great but the main issue is the jack doesn't really lift high enough.

Wow what a difference. The SGS jack is 10 times better in quality/size & so much easier to use with a higher & decent lift height in comparison. Also has dual pistons for quicker lifting with less pumping. You can go for a high lift but it makes the clearance at rest too high for many lower cars. This sits in between a low profile & high lift so ideal for most really. Very impressed & for the money fantastic VFM.

The axle stands add a bit more to the Halfords ones as go lower & just as high but the ratchet makes them easier to use sometimes with more positions. I didn't like the idea of ratchet only but these have a solid additional bar so double locked in 2 points.

Overall very impressed. Just got the Alfa GT wheels refurbed & changed from silver to gunmetal & they look much better IMHO. Just added a new set of Michelin Pilot Sport 4's as well as the old ones were shot.

I have decided trade rates from John @ The Wheel Specialist in St Albans as agreed to use them for all/any of my wheel requirements. They did a great job & did my XC90 wheels as well. Just got the QP in with them as well to have the alloys refurbed & new tyres. Very impressed at far.

He are some pics of the trolley jacks/axle stands to see the difference.



I always buy SGS and completely agree. The gear I bought from them was used for professional lift and shift and lasted extremely well. Their toolboxes are also very well made.


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Can't bit decent kit especially for lifting or standing cars on, personally I would never use retail stuff for these tasks.


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Do you have model numbers and prices?
I have a couple of trolley jacks but both now nearly 30 years old with one completely shot the second a bit too small. Ta!
There is a lot on the site indeed and it took me a long time to compare them all. Luckily at both my home office desk and main office desk I have 3 x 24" screens so make comparisons much quicker/easier! Therfe are lots of nuances and slight differences in the sizes of lift, resting heights etc. I also liked the heavy duty one. I was going to go further to the pro and bigger stuff but didn't see the point in spending 3 or 4 times or more. I'm glad I ordered the one I did and very happy with it. I would 100% recommend it.

I ordered pads for the axle stands just to give some nice protection against the underside. I will still keep and use the Halfords stuff as well but the SGS stuff will become my main kit now.


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Another vote for the SGS kit...
Great value and I was surprised at the quality when it turned up.
3 tonne, dual piston Jack, 3 tonne stands with rubber pads too.
I know it's tricky to release a ratchet axle stand when it loaded, but I do like the extra assurance of the solid locking pin...