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Hi Dave

I'm very interested in your GS. Can we have a chat tomorrow please with a view to closing a deal? My number is 01892 662487. The only points I can think of to discuss with you are;

1. Latest clutch wear reading.
2. Why selling? Wondering why the car has had so many owners in what appears to be quick succession.


hi I'm looking for the 3200gt unidiag software I cant find it anywhere I think you sent it to me years ago anyhelp is much appreciated
Hi Paul
A bit late I know (sorry) but I would like to say I really appreciate your hospitality letting me come down to have a look at your Beautiful GS.

What sort of time scale are you looking at to sell her to her next loving owner?

I've just been offered a job with quite a pay increase which I have accepted, so financially the bank (not sure about the wife) would probably be happy to fund a purchase!

Thanks for getting back to me Chris. My mobile number is 07842118821, you can give me a call sometime to arrange a suitable time for a blether. Time isn't a huge issue with me, so can I leave the to you to call when your free.


Good afternoon C. I was wondering if you would be interested in meeting up for a chat sometime seeing that we both have a couple of manual 4200's?


Absolutely, it would be nice to get the pair together since we are so close.
I work 9-5 Mon-Fri so it'd have to be sometime outside of that.

Morning all

After a blast to a meeting this morning I had the dreaded engine warning light come on. I drove for another 10 miles as all seemed okay but on arrival at my destination the car feels like it’s misfiring and there’s and turbo hose leaky noise coming from the engine bay.

Looks like a low loader home for me but any theories welcome

Hi Rex, Have you any technical info on the 3200 diffs, what is a ZF. I have essessive backlash in mine and before I pull it apart for a looksee etc etc


Hi, new to group. I keep seeing a lovely grey 4200, exactly the same as mine - in Pontardawe. I'm always on foot when I see it.
Is it you. ?
Hi BennyD
I was told to contact you with regards to purchasing a 'H' pipe for my manual facelift 4200. Can you help at all? I see you live in Nantwich which I visit quite often as my brother lives there. You may of seen him, he drives a silver Aston Martin Vantage. Come to think of it he has mentioned that he sees a Maserati around from time to time; maybe that's you!!


Hello i am new to the whole forum thing. I am trying to find a company in the USA that offers extended warranties for Maserati. Would you happen to know of any. The companies i have called do not offer extended warranties. Thank you for any help you can provide.