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Thread: Mirror dip function in reverse gear

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    I've just had a strange one... 06 QP sport, passenger mirror dips in reverse then resets in forwards... I'm ok with that...

    Today, had to park drivers side to, so manually dipped the drivers mirror, reversed, put the car in forward and both mirrors reset to their normal forwards position!

    Strange Italian electrics!

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    Just tried this in mine and both mirrors dip when reverse is selected, returning to normal on selection of 1st gear!

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    My 06 QP does neither, neither does mem seat work or east-exit. Battery reset due.

    However, I could watch the rear view mirror go clear when I select reverse all day, it's fantastic.....

    in passing I'd like it on record my parking sensors, front and rear work perfectly!
    2006 QPV Exec GT

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