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Thread: Ghibli suspension overhaul

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    Hi Chad, Dont understand NLA but the bushes for our Ghiblis is not availiable anymore, only the new metal bushes for QP4.
    Q to you, did you have coilovers on yor Ghibli ?

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    NLA = No Longer Available
    So do the metal bushes fit the older arms? Just wondering how useful this set of bushes I have is.
    Yes, we have coilovers fitted to the Ghibli
    Maserati Ghibli "Taylor/Hawksworth Trofeo edition"

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    Thanks for the info. Fortunately I was able to find 4 pieces of the original bushes.

    They are not interchangeable, Ghibli / early QP4 bushes (317020100) and late QP4 bushes (377030100, Ferrari 134883) only fit their respective arms.


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