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Why Maserati won't let adventurous customers update their own map data I've no idea. They can always have a disclaimer and charge the usual small fortune to put it right if anyone does break their system. That said its just maps for goodness sake, copying files from a USB stick onto the internal storage. There is even an menu option in the MTC to do it. Its not exactly rocket science.
Because they don't actually own the navigation part of the system (well they don, but not the maps), and the map published has to make $$$ to continue making updated maps and whatnot. If they let people people fiddle with the system, they might hack it and cause a (potential) loss to the map publisher.
Also they can make some money by making it a dealer only upgradable and, let's face it, the majority of Maserati customers don't want to bother with such a thing themselves.