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Thread: Floor Mats

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    Morning all

    This may sound a daft question but where can I get replacement front floor mats for 15 plate, ghibli?



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    Quote Originally Posted by Westonpark View Post
    Morning all
    This may sound a daft question but where can I get replacement front floor mats for 15 plate, ghibli?
    Main Dealer? That's where I'd go. Not sure what aftermarket options are available.

    I'm interested to know why? Are they wearing away?
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    there seem to be quite a few on ebay, I bought some for an impreza from halfords, model specific, they were really good quality made to order, might be worth a look as the ghibli is more mainstream that other maseratis
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    The answer is often to be found here:
    search box.png
    Or in this case, here:
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    I company called 'Ultimate Car Mats' produces carpet mats for RHD Ghibli's. The only thing is the colour you need, black is obviously no problem but they struggle with other colours.
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    I bought a tailored set from here:

    Might not be everyone's cup of tea, but they fit great and protect the whole footwell area from and rear as well as the transmission tunnel.

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    You can have the maserati logo and spec them as you want.

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    I got a full set from auto style for 80 pounds and was very happy with them
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    Another vote for auto style here. I've had them in mine for a few years now and they seem to be holding up quite well. Good fit too.
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    Quote Originally Posted by spkennyuk View Post

    You can have the maserati logo and spec them as you want.
    I had a look at them a few weeks ago as I know Ewan was delighted with the ones he got but was sure they said they couldn't use logos or manufacturers names for copyright reasons. You could select generic script such as "V8" but not "Maserati V8" etc. This was just off their website. Is there flexibility if you call them?

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