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Thread: Buying 3200/4200/Gransport

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    Good choice of car.

    I've had my GS 3 years now, ensure annual oil changes and check for rust, they all look shiny on top but check underside carefully.

    Regardless they are all over 10 years old now so check like any other 10yr old car, but remember the parts price of Maserati is much much higher.

    Find a good one (I prefer private sales from an enthusiast / someone who could really afford to own and run) and they are a joy to own and work on!

    Can't see me selling mine unless wife allows a F430 / F458... so I will be keeping it a long time then...
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    I took a while to pick my first Maser & decided a facelift 4200 was the best option for me. There was about nearly 10k difference from the 4200 I bought to a similar miles GS at the time. I didn't think it was worth it as they are almost the same car give or take & were almost the same price new give or take. My car was about 75k new & I bought on 11k miles from 1st private owner. It never goes out in the wet & garaged all its life from 1st owner to me. A late 2007 car & the best I could find by some margin at the time.

    As always buy the best you can afford & find one that has been looked after & had proper money spent on it. A cheaper less well looked after car will start to cost more quick enough.

    I prefer the facelift 4200 to the Classico but others will disagree. We are all different & some like the 3200 or GS more than the 4200. IMHO the 4200 is less hassle & more reliable than a 3200 in general. I didn't find the GS offered much more than if anything than a facelift 4200 but was a fair bit more cash. Each to their own as no right or wrong. I went 2007/07 facelift 4200 then bought a 2007/57 QP Exec GT for daily.

    Enjoy the search & feel free to keep asking the forum questions. There is much to. learn. Good luck 😉
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    Quote Originally Posted by davy83 View Post
    Most important, go drive them all. These cars are about grin factor and you don't get that from a web site, once you have driven the car of your dreams you will know which one suits you best.
    Seconded - really, make the effort to drive a 3200, 4200 and GS, then decide. All supercars are a bit marmite - personally as soon as I drove the 3200 I loved the switchable character from fast GT in normal mode to brutal beast in Sport mode. After that, a 4200 seemed bland. But others find the 3200 too raw, and you must get in the car before you'll know which is for you - reviews are only a starting point.
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    I bought a 2007 Gransport LE in September last year. I went through the same considerations - 3200, 4200 Coupe Manual, 4200 Coupe Facelift and Gransport. In the end I saw a nice Gransport and bought it. I agree that it is good to test drive them all - but I found this easier said than done. How many dealers would you have to visit to try and get a test drive of all of them?

    I had one test drive and bought the only car I test drove. There is big price difference between a 4200 and a Gransport but in the end the Gransport ticked the one box that had a disproportionate influence on my purchase decision - scarcity in numbers, climbing back up in price after hitting the bottom of the depreciation curve a couple of years earlier and desirability even though the 4200 Facelift and Gransport have much in common.

    I wish you luck whatever you choose. But a PPI is a must or buy from a reputable specialist that has the car inspected and rectifies whatever is thrown up in the PPI.

    The 4200 Facelift/non-facelift is a good car as is a Gransport.
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    Yes, whichever car you choose, get the vendor to have an inspection report done by a Maserati specialist - any of the forum sponsors will help - before you buy.
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    If I'm not mistaken the OP has made his mind up to go for a 42, probably late model, and is looking for advice on what to look out for? We can go round in circles debating the boring old 32 v 42/GS debate (boring so long as Monsieur banjo does not poke his nose in ) but reality is, they are all good cars if you get a good one and it suits what you want.
    only my view, not a rule!

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    Quote Originally Posted by highlander View Post
    If I'm not mistaken the OP has made his mind up to go for a 42, probably late model, and is looking for advice on what to look out for? We can go round in circles debating the boring old 32 v 42/GS debate (boring so long as Monsieur banjo does not poke his nose in ) but reality is, they are all good cars if you get a good one and it suits what you want.
    Yea, but if your an old school Maserati purist with a built in hooligan streak there only one car to choose


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    Which is that Dave? Is it the GS (i.e. a car with a thumping normally aspirated V8 as per virtually every Maserati built from the 50's up until the 80's)?

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