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Thread: lambo superleggera

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    came across this one for the lotto garage, bit old tech now for the year but looks awesome

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    That does look good and nice to see one not as in your face as usual - almost classy!

    Is it just me of maybe the matt paint that's throwing me off, but is it a bit under wheeled at the rear?
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    Not a fan of matt paint, however it's a lovely shape and does look good on the road.

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    yep agreed seems classy compared to the norm. i would say its not a true lambo as these should be outrageous, maybe more Audi than lambo but still looks stunning

    also not keen on matt finishes but this just seems to work, gloss version just dont look right. maybe design taken from the Sesto Elemento

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    Always think this generation of Gallardo looked better without the spoilers etc...
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