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Thread: New to the forum and looking to buy

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    Hi all,
    New to this forum and been thinking about buying a Maserati for a while. Haven't got too much to spend so looking for bargain! I've seen this gold 4200 at ADG does anyone know anything about it before I go and take a look?
    Many thanks.

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    Bargain and Maserati do not sit well in the same sentence. That's an early car in a marmite colour, I like it though. Reasonably high mileage for these, but that is a good thing on a Maserati, niggles tend to show more on low mileage examples. Have an inspection done, and if all good, go for it and enjoy. Note: Half worn Pirelli P Zeros, willl be entertaining in cold/damp coditions!

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    Is this not Geoff's previous car?

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    ADG sell lots of Maseratis and this one is "cheap" for a reason.
    As Allan says colour is an issue and will put off prospective purchasers now and when you decide to sell. I don't mind it but lots will.
    Mileage is a big factor. It isn't right, but it is a fact the further over 60k you go the more difficult it is to sell one.
    You run that car for a couple of years and you will be selling it very cheap to move it with 100k on the clock.
    Clutch wear. As often discussed here the tangs collapse often before they wear out. My clutch was 50% worn when I bought it and it collapsed within the first week. Allow over £2k if that happens as it won't be covered by a warranty.
    Get it inspected as Allan says. It isn't uncommon for a cheap Maserati to cost £5k or more to sort. Check wishbones.
    But to be honest if you have not got much money to buy a better car you should think carefully about buying any Maserati as running costs are potentially going to cripple you.
    It is too easy to let the dream of ownership blind you to realities. Go in with your eyes wide open.

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    A big warm welcome to the forum....The car is question is indeed Geoffs old car. It's well know on the forum. He PM it a few months ago for a GTS at ADG. I'm sure he will be along soon to give you loads of advice.
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    Indeed. Well known car. Comes with a Parrot and some great exhausts.

    Geoff is in Le Mans right now, I think? Might be a short delay in response

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    It is indeed Mark's old 4200. He traded up to a GT S recently. He will have looked after it & always spent what was needed.

    The colour is not really gold though. It looks very much metallic grey in most lights & seems to have a tinge of brown/beige in it in some lights. It was my choice of colour for my 4200. The colour is less of an issue but mileage will be. The interior colour is not a favourite for me and is more of an issue than the exterior colour IMHO. Each to their own though as if course this is all subjective.

    This car could have been bought privately for 10k. Therefore with some miles on & a couple of years down the line expect it to be 10k or less come resale. It is fine if you are going to keep it for ages but if you are planning a short ownership I would look at an alternative. It is the right price with ADG as they need a margin & will have had some prep work before retailing. They are know good guys to the forum & will look after you.

    The good & very best cars will sell pretty quick but can sometimes take a while. Not so good ones can take much much longer to sell. As long as you take all this into consideration a 4200 is a cracking car & highly recommended.
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    Yes it is Geoff's old 42, He did take some ribbing about the colours of the inside and out as it is not a combination most people would go for (that might of been part of the reason for getting shut)!!
    Speak with Geoff Capes (not real name) in the first instance (if your happy with the colour) he will tell you all about it, I know he spent a lot of money on it putting it right before he sold it.
    Then you can bargain them down knowing that they only gave him 10k. They will want to get shut also.

    Hope this helps and welcome on board!
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    And welcome to the forum, i actually quite like the colour combo. Does have some high mileage but looks in good condition, are you thinking of getting an inspection?

    Just on a dealer note a few weeks back i nearly brought an MC Shift from ADG, David was very open and honest and did all that he promised so a great dealer to work with on your purchase.

    Keep us posted hopefully Geoff will pop in and give you some more history.


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    Hi Matt and welcome to the madness. We are mostly returning from Le Mans today including GC so normal forum service should resume tomorrow. It's an ok car that had some mechanical issues earlier in the year that were all resolved including I recal a new clutch so that won't be a worry.
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