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Thread: What Happened to ADG

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    What functions does it need?
    You just need to see the cars - they are listed in price order, and you just pick up the phone and make an offer.
    Both websites are good. Its just that nareman for some reason now has so many cars its slow to load photos.
    His photographer does take unrivalled photos though..
    The main issue is that he is known for selling Maseratis' but you cannot just show Maseratis' for sale. You have to plug your way through all the cars he has, initially listed in stock intake reverse order. Not the best - needs more functionality.

    Also I don't like these new clean home pages people have in that you have to go to a menu button to get anything. What's wrong with shortcuts on the home page? You did ask........

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    Fair points. It is annoying to scroll through non maseratis!
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    I'm glad you're happy with mine as I tried to get it spot on. As most of us, I can't bear bad websites.
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    Nuvola's old website wasn't great but having just looked at it on my phone it works great and the photos are amazing.

    In fact the photos are so good they could be posters! One is now my new screen background.

    I should add that he's also a top bloke to deal with and an interesting guy.

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