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Thread: I'm new to Maserati.......

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    Morning gang.

    I purchased my first Maserati GT S last week. Absolutely loving it so far. Having come from the German sports car side of things I'm noticing the quirky little things lol!

    The car is due a service (I negotiated this at time of buying)

    It will be the 3rd service the car has had. Currently 24500 miles at 6 years old.
    Both previous services from HR Owen.

    At this stage in the cars life would you be taking it to a reputable Indy or still using a main dealer to keep the service stamps main dealer???

    Who would you recommend as an Indy near Herts/Essex area please?

    Thanks Simon
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    Welcome Simon. It's traditional to demand photos

    If you've negotiated the service I'd probably get this one done at MD, but then onto Indies. Matter of personal taste though really.

    Nip over the bridge, I can recommend Matt and the team at Giallo who look after the tricky bits for mine. More basic stuff I take to Felice Real who's just moved to Basildon.

    Maybe we'll see each other around

    The Catman formerly known as an Alfisti.
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    If you saw some of the 'workmanship' of some main dealers you would definitely use the indis.
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    Welcome Simon

    I like to keep MD stamps but as Peter said above the workmanship is far better at a good indy.
    I always quote the indy price at my MD and they get as close to that as they can so make sure you haggle if you do go the MD way.

    Pictures please?

    BR Nick

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    Get a good main dealer and would still use at this stage. People expect to see main dealer stamps in a car like this until it gets a few more years under its belt even if some Indis are better.

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    Good choice of car!

    I'm convinced that my local Indie (Emblem Sports Cars) are better than the MD choices. They are no cheaper, but take more care and are more diligent IMO. Yours is the same age as mine and I have no hang ups about Indie v MD stamps. It's worth travelling (or transporting) to a good Indie if there's not one locally.

    Trust you are using the Sport button lots.

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    Wanganui, New Zealand.
    A question for Voicey or Marios.
    Can you guys do software up dates ?
    Working back in a Dealership I find that I'm doing a lot of these brought to my attention when doing a scan on cars in the workshop.
    Independents down here can't.
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    @phil - just noticed your previous "wheels". I got the orange Chopper kudos way back when but a metallic purple Grifter was the king of the streets in my hood

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    No doubt we will, I'm only Hatfield Heath!

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    Hiya Leachy.
    I wondered when you would find your way on here.
    Great car you have there, not as quick as others u have had but the GTS is about more than speed.
    The guys on here are great and will help you with all the questions and knowledge help you will ever need.
    Enjoy the car the GTS is superb.
    My only advice would be not to cut corners on maintenance , look after it properly at a place that is forum recommended.


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