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Thread: Looking for a 4200

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    I think I saw them inspecting it!

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    Approach the governing council and give them 14 days to respond.

    When they fail to contact you, fill out an N1 small claims court form and file it.

    You won’t hear anything until the day before the hearing where they will offer you about 70% of your claim. Decline it then they will cave and pay it. They 100% do not want to go to court and lose as a precident will be set.

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    Cheers for the advice Matt............Will do!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Vampyrebat View Post
    Yes it had been assessed before as they gave me a pothole reference and in this photo you can see the paint markings around it (not that I could see that at 7:00am on a rainy day)!!Attachment 47426
    If there are paint marks around it the council are aware of its existence and will pay up, I claimed over £3K back on pothole damage resulting in a new steering rack.
    I think what is more worrying is the obvious shoddy repair at the top of the photo. It has a clearly defined patch of new tarmac, however the general state of the road around it has already delaminated, I would suggest even the big hole is part of another shoddy repair given the straight joint line right next to it.

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    I saw contractors repair a hole near my house yesterday... a joke outfit who did not cut out the bad stuff, just filled the hole then used their van to flatten the tarmac by driving back and forth over it a couple of times.

    Any wonder why the roads are like dirt tracks.
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    Dorset use a machine called a 'jet patcher' it fires a jet of gravel and hot tar from a hose to fill the hole, no preparation or compaction , usually lasts a month or so, total and utter cr**. Friend is a county councillor, he said its all about form filling, they have repaired the hole ,so relevant box gets a tick, job done, the fact that they will undoubtedly have to go back and do it again in the not to distant future isn't considered. I really do despair of this country sometimes!

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    Sounds like the Councils fill pot holes and record statistics the same way as the Police do with Crimes to make themselves look good to the Politician's.
    Crazy World just do it right.
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