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Thread: VW golf 2.0 GT fSI for sale £1600

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    Quote Originally Posted by philw696 View Post
    Was banking on you getting a HF Fulvia Andy
    That hasn't changed, but I doubt I will have the funds for an HF. I have been discussing this one with the owner but he has gone quiet over the last few days HSCC Fulvia

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    Quote Originally Posted by Andyk View Post
    What not a great drivers car anymore...Surely still is ? Yes have read that the GTS is a a belter of a drive.
    They are nice looking Andy and I have heard good things about them. I still think they have been stingy on the BHP. Only 340 when even the new Merc A Class AMG is now over 400. Those are looking tempting as a fun daily with 4 reasonable seats. Still working on the Wife who I know likes the Cayman..
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