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Thread: NEW Website

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jkulin View Post
    Moz, if you can, do what I do and program a macro to one of your spare button on your mouse to take you to the top of the page, I also have another macro to take me back.

    If you need help then let me know.
    Thanks, but I'm using a tablet and no mouse, so I need an on-screen button.
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    Quote Originally Posted by UlstermanAbroad View Post
    Fair point. It's purely to allow individuals to choose what suits them best. Not to introduce a hierarchy where there doesn't need to be one. My favourite organisations are flat ones and I've very little time for pretentions.
    I was literally just throwing an idea out there. Many websites work that way, by in effect, having a paywall around most or certain content / functionality.
    Another way to go, is functionality / benefits open to all, which would maximise website traffic, which in turn you can then monetise easily.
    I researched this subject exhaustively a few years ago, but I've since forgotten 95% of what I learned, plus the market has moved on / evolved.
    Likewise, good points you make too. Most likely what Matt et al are looking for. Healthy discussion. One reason why imho the forum works as well as it does.

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    Sensible thread Title enforcement, somehow....

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    New website was started today with a £2k downpayment.

    Launch due in 6 months.

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