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Thread: New member from Munich

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    Hi all,

    have been in the forum for some time ... so now it is really time to introduce myself! I live in Munich, Germany. I own a Maserati Spyder (2005, CC), and recently sold my other Spyder (2004, standard gearbox) ... I simply was not able for two years to judge which one to keep, and which one to sell. I refurbished the interiors of both cars, with the help of Lorenzo on the sticky button issue. Next thing to repair will be the NIT module, which refuses to shut down due to some electrical problem, and to replace the hood (I already contacted, for their hood seems to be the most affordable, and they offer a heated rear window).


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    Welcome Heinz
    post up some pics when you get a chance - it's mandatory around here

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    A big warm welcome. As above would love to see your Maserati.

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    I will email you the NIT software later today - if the old laptop still boots up!.
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    Gruss Dich! need to fly to Munich in November, and have some schnitzel at Mozart cafe.
    If i were you, i would keep both

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    Welcome. Interesting to hear about your decision on which to keep.
    60/75 Sadly now sold.

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    Thank you all for your warm welcome ...
    @Peter: Thanks for the NIT software. I disassembled my NIT first, in order to find the error. Did not find anything obvious. The spare unit will be built in, and updated with your software next week.
    @George, @AndyK: My old Maserati with standard gearbox is in the avator meanwhile... I miss it. The CC is silver and not presentable currently ... to much to work on.
    @Allan: Well, my wife is a novice driver, and she argued to keep the CC, because it can be switched to automatic ... However, after banging the rear of my old VW Golf against the garage wall four weeks ago, I will not let her drive it. Well ... not for some time at least. I guess that is not the answer that most people hear ... about standard gearbox being for real men, and the CC to have all kind of problems ... or the other way round ;-)
    @MrCambio: Let me know when you are here in Munich ... On a beer ;-) The red once has been sold already.

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    I will, thanks!

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