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Thread: Sold the car

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    Hi everyone.

    I had been thinking about selling the car for a while and I finally managed to do it.
    The "italian character" just got too much for me. I was worrying more and more about what could go wrong, I have less and less time to use the car and so she went. If I lived in the UK maybe I would have kept the car but here in Portugal there really isn't anywhere I can take the car to, apart from the main dealer. I had a great mechanic who really knew a lot about these cars but unfortunately he passed away last year.

    I want to thank everyone on this forum for all the help along the years. I had the Maserati for 5 and a half years and it was an interesting experience but I doubt I will ever have another one.
    I'll keep checking the forum once in a while.

    Cheers guys.

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    That is sad news indeed, never say never, they get under your skin!
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    Completely understand. Local expertise is one of the main reasons I have the classic cars I have. Also the reason I no longer have the Jensen (nobody could tune the 6 pack carby properly, and the reason I won't buy a TVR with a TVR engine.
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    Well done Aredes on owning one that's a brave choice in Portugal and I love your country. I hope you will continue to post!

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    Always sad to see someone selling a Maser but I must admit with out a knowledgeable specialist owning one is madness

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    Sad to hear that you let her go.Portugal as long as greece are nice places to own a sportscar.

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    Sad to see you go, I last about 3 months before I start hankering after another one.

    Great to here the efforts on SM are appreciated.

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    Thanks for the words guys.
    I will definitely continue to post in any threads where my experience with the car can help.

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    From experience, you're going to feel financial relief today, you'll get into your normal German car tomorrow and think "Wow, what was I doing with a crazy Italian." You'll then somehow see a picture of your Gransport in the evening, and start hunting for the next one This is exactly what happened with me the last 5 times I sold my Maserati's and ESPECIALLY with the GS.
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