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Thread: Where do I go from here?

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    Quote Originally Posted by bigbob View Post
    GTi had about 120 bhp per tonne so was fast enough. Rode the London streets well on the funny suspension they had.
    I imagine it did. We loved ours. The funny suspension was the death of them eventually

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    Quote Originally Posted by azapa View Post
    An excellent post. Makes sense.

    Still, wouldn't put me off a f458. If i had only driven BMW (full disclosure: I am a huge fanboy) a f458 might sound like a worrisome proposition. But an 18 month stradale tenure has prepared me very positively.

    I remember before buying the stradale I asked the service manager at the main dealer (the only dealer, here) what he thought of the brand. He told me he (they) had never had to open an engine in his 5 years there. He was also able to tell me the entire cars history, and what they had needed to fix on other Maseratis. I guess I'll do the same when it comes closer to a 458 purchase moment. ... Unless the forums scare me off beforehand
    Really eloquent and interesting post(by the Ferrari owner) but I don’t buy it. I agree with azapa. I am pretty sure Maserati’s would cost similar over the same period to maintain - unless you were really unlucky with chipping the carbon ceramic brakes etc. With a 2 year warranty and 7 year free servicing I am not stressed about something like the 458. The sweet spot will be driving regularly but not high miles. I am pretty sure there are cars that would depreciate and cost more to run at a similar price point. The fact is - they are 200k+ cars initially so to compare it to a BMW or even a Porsche is pointless.
    The 599 vs 458 debate is interesting- and all comes down to personal preference and a spot of luck.
    I still think the Cali is a comfortable way to enter the brand - especially if the service pack is still in action.
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    I'm not convinced that a 599 needs loads of work at 20/30k miles. I've three mates with them (though one is a GTO version) and running costs are no different from other "normal" Ferraris and Maserati's. In fact, the carbon brakes last for ever (virtually) so that element is actually quite a lot cheaper than, say, the brakes on £15k of 10 year old QP!

    I see the 599 as a cracking buy, whether short, medium or long term. It's got the engine from an Enzo and looks fabulous without being too flashy. What's not to like!

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    My ideal companion is a 458 Speciale if your budget allows to have that sit alongside it lifes too short - you can't take it with you

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