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Thread: Heater blowing too hot

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    Hi all,

    I took the GT out for a drive today, as I've not been out in it for a while. Even with the temperature set quite low on the climate control, it was still blowing very hot air out of the vents, and on to my feet.
    Setting it to 'Lo' turns the blower up, but still quite warm air coming out of it. During the warmer weather it seemed to be blowing normal temperature. Just wondering if anyone has had this problem,

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    I thought the title of this was another bot one!

    I'm no expert but if the system is on Auto it will blow hot air out until it reaches the temp you've set it at and then will temper the air to maintain it. Of course, it might be something else entirely.
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    Just noticed the thread title as I was posting.... fingers don't seem to be working!

    I had it on about 21 when I first got in, it seemed to reach that fine, but then started getting warmer and warmer, then turning it back down to 16 doesn't seem to make any difference.
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    Where is the cabin ambient sensor? Perhaps that has failed.

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    Would quite like to meet her my self!!....
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    Quote Originally Posted by allandwf View Post
    Where is the cabin ambient sensor? Perhaps that has failed.
    I shall have a look, could well have failed.
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