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Thread: Removing nav screen surround

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    Hi...bought some DP Carbon pieces for my new GT Sport. Can someone give me some pointers on how to
    remove the nav screen surround and the headlight switch panel? Much thanks.

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    Would you mind posting some pictures of new parts and maybe a link to what you have purchased. Always interested to see new Carbon parts

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    If you Google DBCarbon Fiber you will see a full array of Maserati items.

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    Hi, I know the website but would be concerned about the finish compared to genuine parts.
    I am after the same parts you have purchased, would you be kind enough to post some photos either fitted or singular part and give feedback how its matches what you already have in the car.
    Thank you.

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    Heavenly, there is a whole bunch of the genuine carbon stuff on eBay...

    As for removing them the console is a little like this... this gets the console off, I didn't need to replace anything connected to it as I just needed to remove an old Bluetooth system)
    Remove the cup/phone holder.
    Pull out the trim with the duo select lever.
    Pull the clock/vents out (a spring clip on each side)
    Then there are 4 Phillips screws, two where the clock was and two at the bottom... pull it all forwards, remove a dozen plugs from the aircon, radio, etc and you have everything free to take indoors to figure out how it's all bolted to the facia. Don't forget your radio code before you pull it all out!

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