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Thread: 2014 Maserati Ghibli cracked strut tower

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    Wow Craig I can't believe what I'm reading.
    That is just unbelievable behaviour mate.
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    Rarely shocked by Maserati these days but that’s poor.

    Do you want me to get you one shipped over?

    Maybe Catman will be taking another suitcase on his next US work trip?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Conaero View Post
    Rarely shocked by Maserati these days but that’s poor.

    Do you want me to get you one shipped over?

    Maybe Catman will be taking another suitcase on his next US work trip?
    I certainly could, the problem being that my next work trip is as yet an unknown amount of time in the future....

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    This is pityful...I fail to understand the logic of the brand. If it is a safety recall then why are they not all over this with the registered owners?
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    I am heading to California early February, with a stop in NJ possible.

    Happy to take a larger bag as I have a 40kg allowance.

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    What's the weight, Craig? And will they sell them to us here? Likely that Damo will be in the US soonest, but I'll more than likely be in Toronto in early March.
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    Very poor. They don't seem to realise after sales service, or lack of, can have a great effect on future buyers.
    60/75 Sadly now sold.

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    Yes I need to get them from somewhere.

    I was tempted to tow the car, engine/gearbox, and sit it right out front of their store. Just leave it there and tell them it's your problem not mine. Of course, that wouldn't have sat well with the Client.

    To be honest the entire tower might weigh 10lbs if that. It feels as cheap as it looks. I think I am going to start a whole other thread on the website about this experience. I just don't understand how that mentality plays out. The car is still under warranty till April 2018. It's mind boggling to say the least. We were asking for any favors, just to sell us the parts we need.

    Anyway, I think there is an updated strut tower. If you guys do have a way to get this, it would be great. I would like to get this guy's car back together.

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    Assuming that whole top is aluminum a skilled fabricator could probably make one (far better too) in a couple of days. Probably a bad idea, but just throwing it out there. At least you have the exact piece to copy from. He11, start selling them in on Ebay and make a fortune!!
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    I really thought that Maserati were starting to put the reliability to bed with the GT and the rest of the new cars but as these cars get older it seems that nothing has changed. The amount of issues coming out now is a worry. That kind of service will be their downfall as customers will just not come back.

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