With the Ghibli diesel being placed in adverts to the company car driver which I have heard on the radio this is a very different market to what Maserati have been in and these drivers tend to do the miles and expect reliability and great service......This puts the Ghibli in the same market as the Germans Marques and Jaguar.......Its a tough market and audience and for Maserati to enter this surely must mean the products have it spot on to succeed. Maserati needed to change and have but I just can't get excited about the current range as I did with the GS era etc......I would have a Ghibli as a daily drive without a doubt but that wasn't what made them special for me.........The introduction of a new GT or Sports model I really hope will relight my old passion. In this day and age customer service in King and reading this thread and others I just don't get a warm feeling that they are feeling this.