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    Hi all, a query on how 4.2 duoselect Quattroportes regulate their temps.

    In traffic the needle will be horizontal and stable at 195. As soon as there is even the slightest air movement over the car, the gauge will drop down about 2 marks. Is this typical or have I got a lazy/stuck thermostat?

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    My GS does the same. In traffic it sits at 90C and when in clear air it drops to about 75C. I changed the thermostat, nothing changed. I think it’s the position of the temp sender.

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    My GT does the same, quite a noisy fan if it's been idling for awhile

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    Same on my QP auto, was wondering if this was a problem, doesn't sound like it. Had mine three weeks so still getting to know all the quirks.

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    The Alfa and Freelander both pic a temp and that is It! So good to hear the Maser is behaving normally!

    I currently have an unhealthy paranoia over every little thing!

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