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    My Spyder roof seal has a nick out of the rubber where the closing tang must have caught it at some point so I thought I’d investigate a replacement.......

    How do they justify such a price??? No wonder that prospective owners shy away.


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    That is an insane mark up, even if the part is non stock and needs to be ordered as a one off they must be making some serious profit. Have you tried shopping around?

    It has been said before but FCA's policy over certain Maserati parts is despicable especially things like discontinuing items for older tipos

    Reason why I said is certain parts is because they are not too dissimilar to the likes of BMW/Mercedes/etc... have you ever priced up parts at a BMW MD? Maserati aren't the only ones quoting £600+ for a water pump
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    It’s the only way they can make a profit by exploiting its customers.

    Get some black mastic, fill it then shape with a scalpel when dry.

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    I saw a wheeler dealers episode where Ant repaired a door rubber by inserting a short length of rubber tube to fill out a squashed seal.

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    Door seals are in excess of £700...low volume parts always are £££

    Just be glad they still have them!
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    Screwfix, Black Sicaflex in a cartridge, it is a colour match, it is it’s own glue and no prep needed. Apply enough volume and form the required shape by wetting your finger (spit it soapy water) and move it around as needed. Will take a couple of days to cure in this weather or 24 hours in a heated garage.
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    i have a good used spyder door seal for sale if this is of interest to you.
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    This is the extent of the damage - I had thought of tracking down a similar diameter seal and splicing it in but I’ll try your mastic ideas first.

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