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Thread: Council Pothole measurements and criteria

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    Round here they throw the wet tarmac in and then drive back an forth over it...job done!
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    I once saw a pickup parked on the hard shoulder of the M6 about 1/2 a mile away , watched a guy run into the middle lane with a shovel full of tarmac, throw it in a hole wack it with the shovel then run back

    They probably had a pistol in the cab to play Russian roulette with at dinnertime
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    Quote Originally Posted by daverichardson View Post
    I stood and watched some contract guys 'fix' a dozen pot holes near my level crossing. They were there 20 minutes and missed some completely.
    I watched their technique:-
    Shovel full of warm asphalt off the back of a lorry placed in the wet pot hole, a second guy came along and tamped it down with a machine, then move onto the next pot hole. Two additional guys doing a traffic control lollipop arrangement and a fifth guy as the driver.
    I went back the next day and photographed the (now) mounds breaking up and have sent them to Redcar & Cleveland Council with a complaint. I am waiting for a response.
    I assume they were contractors and nobody from the council has turned up to check the quality of the work.
    Money for old rope.
    Incidentally the level crossing is the boundary with Middlesbrough Council (where I am) and they would not cross the railway line to the Middlesbrough side to fix the pot holes there.
    This remedy will not last a month
    Got an email reply from Redcar and Cleveland Council regarding the Pot Hole repair I raised with them.
    Apparently they have sent 'an Officer' to the site for an inspection and he has stated there is no safety concern.
    Given that my original email was about quality and quality control with no mention of safety from me it seems that is the end of the matter as far as they are concerned
    Lip service only I fear

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    A lot of jokes at their expense on twitter etc:
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    This is the response I got after my little incident

    Dear Sir,

    Our Ref: 004595-000306-GD-01

    Our client has forwarded details of this claim to us. We would ask you to note our interest as their Claims Handling Agents. Naturally we are sorry to hear of this incident, and the unfortunate damage that you have sustained.

    Presently we are making further investigations into this matter directly with our clients and as such we are unable to comment upon the question of liability. Claims of this nature are governed by pre-action protocols. It has been deemed that we should be allowed 3 months to carry out our investigations.

    We will do all we can to let you have our liability decision by then, and it would assist us if you could bear with us during this period.

    In the meantime please provide us with details of your losses supported with documentary evidence.

    We look forward to hearing from you.

    And this is the grief Chester West and Cheshire are getting about their potholes
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    I can’t believe the deterioration frollowing the recent snow.
    I was away last week (winter sun) but returned to find my journey across Herts / Bucks / Berks to have changed dramatically. My dashcam is pinging away every 200 yards or so as the bangs and bumps set off the “incident” recording.
    As for repairs, the temp repairs they do by just chucking a shovel full of tarmac and giving it a cursory tank down with the back of the shovel are just a complete waste of time and money

    Caught this on my dashcam a few years back

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