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Thread: Gransport 48k Miles 23500

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    Im pretty sure its been up for sale 2 or 3 times in 3 years.

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    Something a bit odd. Cazana list the car as MOT due to expire in November 2017.

    If you try and do a search on the UK MOT history checker website then the registration is not valid.

    That usually means the registration has changed. The new reg if it has one is not listed on cazana yet.

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    Surely you would go for the John Holland car instead now it has been reduced to £24,900. Similar age, mileage, spec.

    Or is there a hidden history to this car too?

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    i like the John Holland one as well.... Didn't Ewan have a nasty experience with them ? ..... Not dealt with them myself though and they have some lovely stock...
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    I think someone has some info on that car but I cannot find the thread where it is mentioned.

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    Here you go

    13-02-2018, 09:03 AM


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    Chris - which car are you having inspected? If it's the one from John Holland, I'd advise you to contact me privately before parting with any money. If it's not that car, crack on!

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