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Thread: Front Bumper Overhaul

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    If I bring mine round can you do mine?

    I know Canvey well having grown up in Wickford, played footy all over Canvey and then worked there before I moved to Ashford.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rex B View Post
    Hi looks good, what colour code is the mercury and is it a base coat with a 2 pack clear coat finish. Also what gun do you use as I am interested in at least being able to refurbish my wheels and perhaps the front bumper on the old 3200.

    Rex B
    I've got code 226679 for Grigio Mercury. Yes the base is 1:1 with 2k thinners followed by 2k clear. I use a pretty cheap Sealey gun (S701G) I bought off Amazon. If I knew I'd be painting as much as I have over the last couple of years I would have bought a half decent DeVilbiss or something but the Sealey has done everything I needed it to do. But if you're doing just a couple of paint jobs a year, you can't really justify spending £100 on a spray gun. Mine was about £30 I think.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GeoffCapes View Post
    If I bring mine round can you do mine?

    I know Canvey well having grown up in Wickford, played footy all over Canvey and then worked there before I moved to Ashford.
    Sorry, I can't be messing with other people's stuff. I don't mind risking my own car but I'd hate to mess up on someone else's pride and joy. Besides, I'd take twice as long as a professional so it probably wouldn't be any cheaper and not as good either keeping in mind I don't have a booth like them.

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    Preliminary inspection, probably my best effort yet. A few specs of **** here and there, which is unavoidable when you're just using your garage, but they're easily removed once cured. I'll reassemble in a few days and take some pics when its back on the car. Time for a well earned beer.







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    Yup, I think that's a well-earned beer. Enjoy.

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    Colour match good???

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    Quote Originally Posted by Conaero View Post
    Colour match good???
    Haven't held it up to the bonnet yet. The colour was originally matched to the washer cover on the bumper though so it 'should' be the same. I'll wait for it to cure some more before I handle it.

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    Top job that man !

    Looks good from here.

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    Just put the bumper in situ to check the match and I can't say I'm not happy with that.






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    Excellent result - you've obviously sprayed before. What equipment are you using?
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