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Thread: **** me !

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    Quote Originally Posted by dickygrace View Post
    They’re obsolete, it’s for a 3200, so if you’ve got one you can name your price. They were about £600 when available.
    Sure..ok. Its been billed with the wrong description..
    I can see I still need to get my mind right !

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    Quote Originally Posted by TimR View Post
    I know- you guys are all gonna say something like" oem prices" and/or "supply & demand" but £475 + p&p for a plastic grill insert verges on the obscene... !!
    As others have said expensive car new equals expensive parts and parts out of production equals buy whilst you can.

    BTW how much is a grill for a pre-war Talbot?
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    I think it's because it's made of plastic that I recoil in horror. The cost to manufacture a piece like the 4200 grill is pennies. Even if you make a relatively small volume run.
    Honestly- I'll wager you coukld find a craftsman to make a "rare" 3200 grill from alu or SS for less than £2.25K And lets say it cost you £2K to do it. It's not going to disintegrate if left in the sun or in the event it makes contact with a pheasant...!!

    "BTW how much is a grill for a pre-war Talbot? "

    That car was built to VSCC regulations. Honestly, not much of it is plastic.
    Still shaking here. boss !!

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    Agree that re-manufacture is probably the way for many of these things.

    You must know that I had to pull a pheasant out of my 4200 grill - I was surprised how far back the radiator was as I could hardly see what had been a game bird and it had not hit the rad. Getting it out was another issue....
    2011 GranTurismo GTS Auto - 50,000 miles coming up this year, a truly complete car
    2005 4200GT - loved it despite everyone saying the manual was shite
    1999 3200GT - liked a lot of it but honestly never got on with the steering

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    Sorry, it is for an early 4200, but it’s metal not plastic. Anyway, the seller will be happy that you’re posting about it on a page sponsored by him; advertising exposure.
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    The actual cost of making some of the plastic pieces probably isn't very high if you just count that process and raw materials. The time spent in maintaining the production facilities and setting up for short runs etc will make it cost a bit more. Its why there are more an more common parts used, and raiding of the FCA parts bin for suitable components. Trim pieces unfortunately are specific and have a limited market, especially given the low numbers of Maserati around.

    Its a shame that Maserati don't do more to support older cars and keeping parts in stock. However they wouldn't be cheap in comparison to the value of the cars so would people buy them?

    I feel there's a bit of chicken and egg here though. One of the reason why Maserati values are lower than say equivalent age Ferrari has to be related to parts availability. Ferrari ensure that parts are available which means that if you buy an older Ferrari you are going to be able to keep it on the road. Its a bit more of a lottery with a Maserati as for some parts the only source is broken cars.
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    Quote Originally Posted by TimR View Post
    So if £475 + p&p for a flimsy plastic grill doesnt strike you as over priced, check out this one..
    Same car, 4200...£2250 + p&P....WTF !?

    Very rare. Shameless....
    The seller is actually a sponsor on here, and you couldn't wish to deal with a nicer/farer chap.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MrMickS View Post
    It never ceases to amaze me that people are surprised at Maserati parts costs. Just because you can buy a car that cost £80k new for £15k doesn't mean that parts are going to Ford prices. When they are common parts with other models in the FCA stable then ok there is real scalping going on and you are paying for the box. For the other cars not so much. Limited volumes mean you don't get the same economies of scale that come with buying even a Merc, Audi, or BMW.

    When you take on a Maserati you should do so knowing that nothing is cheap. Its the cost of ownership.
    To be fair, whilst a lot of your post makes sense, the rarity of the part does not necessarily equate to cost - it's just scalping.
    My Elise S1 isn't exactly a common car, and non-obsolete parts for it aren't horrifically priced despite it being limited run, hand made etc.
    Our old VX220 is even rarer and the only bits that reach silly prices are front and rear lights, which are will only 300-350 or something each.

    In fact, they are hiding behind the original value more than basing prices on it.
    £80k new (well, maybe £65k) to £15k used now.
    A clutch for my 4200 was about 600 quid 10 years ago when the car was worth significantly more, according to a page somewhere online posted by one of the main dealers.
    So t,he clutch alone has more than doubled in price since then, and the value of the car has perhaps halved? More?
    The part will also have continued to be manufactured, so it's been made, not as a part for an £80k car, but as a part for a car now worth £15k.
    In that case, it seems to me more like Maserati not allowing other manufacturers to get in on the game, and having a monopoly on a part that is required, and wears out relatively quickly is allowing them to scalp.

    The real shame is that these cars will disappear because of this. Cars will be written off and scrapped because of part costs.

    A clutch, plus bearings, plus gearbox cables for a manual, plus a set of disks and pads for a 4200 is coming up for £4.5-5k alone at Maserati prices, and that's before labour.

    On another note, in posting this, I checked how rare they are and found this via google over on Ferrari Chat regarding the Coupe / 4200 / M138. Apologies if it's been posted before, I found it pretty interesting

    All data is from Maserati Classiche apparently.

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    Sounds like the best option for 3200/4200 owners is to buy a second car - CAT car etc - as a parts mule.
    2011 GranTurismo GTS Auto - 50,000 miles coming up this year, a truly complete car
    2005 4200GT - loved it despite everyone saying the manual was shite
    1999 3200GT - liked a lot of it but honestly never got on with the steering

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