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Thread: GS boot not opening by key remote or glove box button

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    Suddenly, my boot won't open from my key remote or the button in the glove box. The fuel filler flap button works normally. There is no click or sound when I press the boot button in the glove box.
    Boot opens fine using the physical key into the lock.
    This started after I had the boot open to charge the battery but it might just be coincidence.
    Any ideas where to start?
    Much appreciated.

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    Clean the connectors on the glove box switch block first, then if no improvement take the boot lid liner off and do the same on the actuator. You can perform a function and continuity test on both the switch and actuator while you are in there. There is however some history of wires breaking on the boot release circuit on these cars, I believe it has usually been found in the flex at the boot opening, hope this is not the case with yours. Good luck.
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    Battery for 2hrs, reconnect and let sit for another 15 mins then try again.

    Might we worth putting the battery on charge during the disconnect.

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    It'll be the boot cable if the fob and button both don't work. Pounds to pence

    This thread
    Will point you at the right cable

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