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    Energy crisis

    Give her the TR6 :)
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    Maserati Merchandise. Masks, whips, chains, ........

    Can't see it, don't want to join yet another group of "experts" lol. no offence intended.
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    Energy crisis

    Rationing at Shell now, maximum £30 fill! wtf, Where's that going to get me, lucky to get to the next petrol station!! Tw**s!
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    Energy crisis

    Sorry, can't come to work, no fuel lol.
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    Energy crisis

    That's us forked then! lol
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    Never seen before

    Indeed :)
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    Energy crisis

    I would have thought you take the hit. Not always cheaper is best. You have to ask who these small companies are/were that popped up, who thought they could undercut the bigger ones, maybe for a while but too small to ride out fluctuations.
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    Brera, (159) ABS and Gearbox issue.

    Hi all, I think I have a faulty abs sensor, the usual abs, asr etc. unavailable. My question though is, could this effect the auto box? Struggle to shift above third when fault is up.
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    Never seen before

    I want the trident alloys for my wee Abarth.
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    Getting ready to pull the trigger...

    Welcome. Good plan, enjoy now. Looking forward to seeing what you get.
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    Resto Mod Khamsin

    And probably a very long time to come!
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    E10 Ethanol Fuel - The Definitive Answer (QPV/GT/GC)

    Struggling to get E5 anywhere near me at the moment , all empty. Only E10 available.
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    We went on to Garda, Austria, Germany, Luxembourg, Brussels and Bruges, before Zeebrugge ferry then home. 3000 mile round trip :)
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    Today is the anniversaryof the start, for many, of the Centenary Trip to Modena. Many friendships made, and still going strong. Thank you Sportsmaserati.
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    Grigio lava matte

    I'm the opposite, my Brera is almost matt silver now