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    Pic of the day

    I can't speak to the other states mentioned in the advertisement, but Ray Gulson in Fyshwick is still operating with his son Graham at the helm. They are Porsche and Alfa Romeo dealers now. I believe they still have a container of brand new old stock Maserati parts. Graham has promised me a ride...
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    GS Fun on a Skidpad

    SM should organise another one. I brought one of my sons with his WRX STI. He learnt so much, yet at first gear speeds and improved tremendously with each turn. It is a safe environment to get a proper feel for your car.
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    GS Fun on a Skidpad

    Some more photos, supplied by others at the event. I think there might be a new avatar photo in this lot. The blond passenger in some of the photos is a recently retired pro tennis player Monique who was there. I rode with her instructing and she rode with me. What a day.
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    GS Fun on a Skidpad

    Fabulous outing today to our local motorsport facility. Sunny winter day saw the Hillclimb club was doing their thing over the back from us, the MG Club was holding a motorkhana nearby and the BMW Club hired the skidpad for 6 hours. My BMW developed a warning light during the week so the GS had...
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    Well done, welcome to the forum.
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    Dear God! What an abomination!

    My goodness that's unfortunate. Surely someone in management should have said "no, go back and do it better."
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    Gransport surfboard skirts - are they removable?

    Keep them as it is part of the character of the car. I expect it would hurt resale value later if you removed them.
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    GT Trofeo race car for sale

    2010 Maserati GranTurismo S Auto (
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    MC Stradale purchase!

    Don't forget Swells65 Stephen who has his black 2 seater on the market at the moment. 2013 Maserati GranTurismo MC Stradale Auto MY14 ( There are 6 other MC Stradale's for sale at the moment too.
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    GS Long term Ownership report

    That's definitely not Melbourne.
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    Big Brakes

    Hi Shane, I saw one car advertised years ago in Sydney having fitted lots of goodies from Formula Dynamics including these - 4200 Formula Dynamics / Brembo� Big Brake Kit for<br> Maserati Coupe & Spyder These are on my wish list.
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    GS Long term Ownership report

    Hi All, Thought I might share an article I wrote recently for the Club in Australia about my ownership experience. Maserati GranSport Ownership Experience ( Hopefully the link works.
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    Mcv #1 of 180 for sale in NSW

    I know this car, more particularly with the previous owner who imported it into Sydney from Singapore. He fitted Larini exhaust. Real Estate sales were booming so this was an addition to his Assetto Corsa that he had lavished a fortune on. Later he added a Stradale to make a set of 3. He sold...
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    The other birds thread

    I married a ballerina!
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    GS prices

    Prices in Aus now range from $62,000 up to $96,000. The recent floor was $70,000 which is great to see. Really good cars in the $80,000's all cleared fairly quickly.