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    One to Watch

    That's a fabulous colour!! I mean I love my Mistral Verde car, but that looks great. Lets hope it goes for a fortune and cheers us all up :)
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    Should I buy a warranty...?

    The other thing worth considering is that most of these warranty type of things will go to extreme lengths to avoid paying out, and probably not worth what they say it is.
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    Soon to be 3200 owner

    Hi Vespasian and welcome to the forum. The 3200 is like nothing you have encountered, best description i have seen is "mad as a bag of frogs". It can be worked on, and i have done many jobs over the years on my Auto and most of its pretty much like any other car. It has a few weak spots and can...
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    Engine light Maserati 3200 gt

    It depends whether you have a proper ODBII port on the car or its the old Fiat 3 pin connector. I suspect you have the older version with the 3-pin connector. if you get your head (or perhaps your phone camera) under the dash so the back of your head is on the plastic kick plate on the floor...
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    3200 Windscreen Gasket

    The problem with using glue on that seal is that you have to remove it every time you replace the pollen filter or repair the wiper mechanism. So it get s removed quite regularly. If you use an aggressive glue here the seal gets trashed when you try to remove it. I think the real problem is that...
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    EV advise from any users please!

    my I3 is coming up on 8 years old, and nearly 70kmiles on the clock. 8 years is when the BMW battery warranty runs out. The battery capacity as far as I can make out is more or less what it was when new. i think they seem to have done a decent job engineering the battery packs.
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    Terrible Jokes Thread

    The birds were appauled at the old **** music and the bad jokes and left, so it was only the blue skies left :)
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    Terrible Jokes Thread

    it was cloudy but i heard there were blue skies over the white cliffs of Dover
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    Any tips on how to remove turbos

    i removed mine on a garage lift, but I suspect if the body was properly jacked up it would work on jacks too. height might be an issue, but if you disconnect the shocks and springs first it should be ok.
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    About to throw in the towel

    how do you find the suspension on b-roads when you are giving it a bit of herbs as they say? It is well behaved? I am wondering if my car needs new shocks?
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    About to throw in the towel

    Had mine for two years, and Its good. I have the older version with the bike engine in the boot and that makes longer journeys much easier to cope with. But on a supercharger with the Ac/DC combo it charges in like 20 minutes so its been pretty easy to live with and touch wood quite reliable...
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    Any tips on how to remove turbos

    I replaced both turbos on my 3200 and I dropped the subframe off the car and dismantled them from below. Its pretty near impossible without removing the engine or the subframe. Now with the heads removed I am not sure if that gives you enough room? The exhaust related bolts run at such high...
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    non starting 3200, just turning over, got fuel ok

    I am not sure if just filling it with petrol will "unseize" the motors but you could try. perhaps fill it up and leave it for a day or two. Personally if it been sitting for a long time and the motors are seized I would be thinking of replacing them. I think the motors are readily available...
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    non starting 3200, just turning over, got fuel ok

    Ok sounds like throttle body possibly not the prime suspect. no fuel pressure sounds wrong. I am under the impression that the pumps run continuously, and so should develop pressure more or less straight away. Has the car been sitting for a while and/or are you in the habit of letting the fuel...
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    non starting 3200, just turning over, got fuel ok

    and how to check for friction with it switched off.