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    David Askew's having a clear out!

    Now at £8,950... bargain to be driven and enjoyed or evil temptress that will break your heart and the bank? Is an AC to a 3200 as much the sum of the parts as a GS is to a 4200?
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    Clutch dead helllppppp .

    Get it recovered to Marios will be best.
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    Buying and importing a car from Japan

    Can you point in the direction of some user friendly auction sites? Chapeau on the AC, it looks fantastic and glad to hear the experience turned out well.
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    Buying and importing a car from Japan

    As you say, would be worth a look. Mind you buying from auction unseen half way across the world... what could possibly go wrong? There's a huge slug of tax in there too.
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    David Askew's having a clear out!

    The cat S AC is now £9,950 on eBay. Will someone save it from being broken?
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    Gransport for Sale

    I had a PPI report done on this car by the Super Car Centre in Sheffield in April. As Chris says the clutch has been done since then. I decided not to proceed for reasons not to do with the car itself. PM me if you are serious in buying Chris' car and would like a copy (albeit 6 months out of...
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    Cheap cat D GS on eBay

    Back up on eBay again with a starting price of £17,500 (dropped from £18,500 recently on which there were no bids)...
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    Aston Martin First Day Trading

    Better to have spent £30k on an early 4.2 V8 Vantage... you would struggle to lose the equivalent £2,400 in a day.
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    First Maserati for sale

    Best put it up on
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    Aston Martin First Day Trading

    So a drop of 8% from the IPO price at the start of the day which was itself in the bottom half of the range. Currently trading at 1755p whereas the high end of the IPO range was 2250p. A, speculative, valuation of 25% more than its price this afternoon equates to approx £1billion off the value...
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    London Supercar Show Live May 2019

    Let's be honest, Lydd is nowhere near anywhere but that whole area has a certain bleak beauty about it.
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    London Supercar Show Live May 2019

    London Ashford airport aka Lydd near Dungeness.
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    Marshall Maserati Peterborough

    Surely @BuckRog64 should have first dibs. Seems weird that they had an opportunity for a sale and didn't take it before.
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    Be honest please.

    Well exactly. I have heard the "always rent anything that depreciates, only ever buy something that appreciates". But if that were truly the case, how come Radio Rentals went to the wall? Remember when people used to rent their TV, even their washing machine? Now we all buy these items knowing...