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    3200 Assetto Corsa going through BCA

    Cazana says it is an AC, but based on the comments here possibly an unloved car or an owner who didn't like the AC alloys?
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    Next step:

    Good luck to you all
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    Forum Tiler

    That's deliberate though isn't it? Looks like it could be the inside of a mosque and there will always be a tile misplaced as man cannot be perfect. Mind you, I might have placed it somewhere less obvious.
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    Le Mans Classic 2020

    Went to the Classic in 2010, never been to the main. Seemed very lax with security during the night and I regret not seeing how far I could take that at 2am. In my mind I felt you could have managed to get up the Mulsanne on the inside of the track but no doubt there were gendarmes to stop you...
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    Gransport Ebay - another too good to be true?

    Yep, £22,950 or best offer. As a Cat D, even with only 24k miles, and with technocloth that is rich. £15k sale price previously seemed reasonable to both parties. Pain when sellers don't actually sell because no reserve and didn't get the price they wanted.
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    Sheffield. @Chrisb2015 has used them I believe.
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    Not a happy car

    Or by some accounts anything to do with that breaker.
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    Top Gear Presenters

    Bring back William Wollard
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    Blind, foolish impulse purchase of a 4200.

    On the face of it, could be a bargain. Had some decent history and then left untouched but not for too long and the new clutch and heater matrix are big ticket items. Get to a specialist to check over and you will hopefully be fine. Whereabouts do you live?
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    Grancabrio orange indicators/reflectors

    There was a guy selling a GT on Autotrader who did this and IIRC his was a DIY job. He did not go into too much detail as to how he did it but it seemed to be quite an undertaking. Made a huge difference to the look of his black GT though.
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    Brexit Deal

    So @Wattie, as the lead Brexiteer on this forum, and this is a genuine question albeit with the benefit of hindsight, which of the politicians do you think would have delivered Brexit on time and in a palatable manner? I ask because it is clear Mrs May has not done so, and I empathise with the...
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    Anyone feeling racey? Maserati Trofeo at RM Auctions

    Interesting choice to affix it through the rear wing panels rather than more conventionally on struts attached to the boot lid. The finish on the cut outs of the panels leave a lot to be desired. I know it is function over form but it is inelegant.
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    GranSport MC Victory + MC12 GT1

    My copy dropped through the letterbox yesterday and was an enjoyable read.
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    Pre purchase inspection

    As Newton asks, where are you or more to the point where is the car? That will be the determinant here, but RAC will not be the answer in any case.
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    Climate Activists