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    Fabian Oefner's Disintegrating Series - Lamborghini Miura All manner of cool.
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    Wow - how badly can you make an advert???

    Previous eBay advert used photos of screenshots IIRC. Judging by the surfboards, maybe it's secretly a GS with retro fitted 4200 interior
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    Car Clubs

    Pistonheads' Sunday Service might be suitable... again Southern biased but there are occasional good meets further North like Ginetta or Ultima factory meets. It's a chicken and egg situation... demand fails to justify supply resulting in no demand.
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    GT ‘Facelift’.

    I can see merit to it, even the red accents. Just needs clear indicators against the silver.
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    GS prices

    The private sale on AT at £19k, with the cigarette burn to the techno cloth and previously repaired surfboard was £22k last August and the seller was adamant at the time he would not drop in price. Do we know if the two ADG cars at £19.5k and £20k with recent clutches, both with techno cloth...
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    Car traded in

    Sorry, crossed wires, I thought you were going to look at the GS at ADG. Your red avatar confused me, I think it might be @BuckRog64 that is going to have a look. Someone recently traded a QP for an Aston and the dealer listed the QP. It seems mint examples will be considered as stock for...
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    Car traded in

    Trade ins will always play on people's psychology. As long as the OP is happy with the balance offered, that's all that matters. And the dealer will possibly struggle to get £10k at auction... so you can either offer the OP £15k to take the car now or wait to see if you get lucky and spot it at...
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    Brexit Deal

    You've got to love a bit of Nigel.
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    Manual Spyder at BCA next week or so

    Sold for £8,800... too much for a gamble and no doubt will be available on the forecourt of a highly reputable dealer near you in time for Spring for a very reasonable £15k. Plus unless you have a trader account, you can only bid in person at BCA which is a huge faff.
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    Anglia Car Auctions - January Classic Sale

    Those estimates have been set to get tongues wagging surely. £30k for the Mclaren? It will go for more. Cheapest on AT is currently £75k. The low estimates on the other two are less eye-catching. Whilst a lot of cars going through auction at the moment are barely making low estimate there is...
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    Dash out - what else would you do?

    So whilst not an immediate job, I will be getting the heater matrix done in the near future which obviously is a complete dash out job. So what else would you choose to do at the same time? Some thoughts are: 1. Remove the tracker 2. Have all sticky buttons refurbished 3. Replace centre vents...
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    Interested in any assemblies including any with broken switches and scratched surfaces as I am trying to source a replacement casting into which to place the lever itself.
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    Brake Discs, again!

    Is £325 correct? That figure has appeared a couple of times in the thread.
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    Brake Discs, again!

    Can you put me down for a set of fronts and rears. Thanks
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    Manual Spyder at BCA next week or so

    Surely missing a digit there.