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    Brexit Deal

    I am not sure it is unambiguous, more we do not have no confidence in you but is a damaging result that a 1/3 of the electorate does not support your leadership. I regret the decision to leave but what is more worrying is how it has been implemented. And those blaming the opposition for not...
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    Hill Engineering Forum Discount

    Do forum members still get a discount with Hill Engineering or are they no longer a forum sponsor?
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    Brexit Deal

    My point was we are stuck with leaving the EU because it was a democratic vote and JRM et al have reminded us time and again of that fact, yet he fails to accept an equally democratic, and in fact more determinative than the referendum, vote. I say determinative because a referendum is only a...
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    Brexit Deal

    And a swing of only 2.1% in the referendum would have avoided all this. What's good for the goose... As for a rebellion of this size in the no confidence vote meaning Mrs May should resign, that might be the case if there was even one credible candidate to take over and negotiate a different...
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    Brexit Deal

    Can the Conservative Parliamentary Party please have a vote of no confidence in that bell end JRM. I bet he has managed to make a few quid as well for his trust out of all this unnecessary carnage.
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    Upcoming Maserati MOT

    Work in Bromley but live in Faversham so AV Engineering are my closest indie but very busy at the moment. You could try calling and getting their advice. I have not used them but I believe @dickygrace recommends them. They should know a suitable MOT...
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    Upcoming Maserati MOT

    Easy enough to get the train from Tonbridge changing at Orpington. I know because I work in Bromley and travelled to Giallo a couple of times to lack at a car. Hopefully car will pass with flying colours anyway and you can drive straight back, worse case scenario you have to drive it from the...
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    Upcoming Maserati MOT

    Given your recommendation on another thread for Giallo, why not use them or whoever they use for MOTs. Alternatively, whoever AV Engineering towards Ashford use. Whereabouts are you?
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    Brexit Deal

    Surely the most likely opposition to Mrs May right now is not Mr Corbyn but another Conservative MP. I have long despised Mrs May from her time as Home Secretary, but I respect her commitment right now. Spineless is an adjective best reserved for Jacob Rees-Mogg, Boris Johnson, David Davies...
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    How to remove F1 Console (non-screw version) from a facelift 4200CC?

    As described in the title, my understanding is that you place an allen key or similar through the small hole at the bottom of the console (see below) and pull up. Is that correct? Any pointers, tips, better ways of doing it? TIA
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    Interior Leak

    It was suggested earlier but time to hire a theatrical smoke machine or similar and place inside the cabin and see where it's escaping the car.
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    Another Life Adventure

    I saw a fast, or at least loud, R4 around Sittingbourne a few years ago. I thought it was uber cool. This and a Saab 96 V4 are my two classic car wants (well obviously a R5 Turbo 2 and A110 too but prices are well out of reach these days). Looking forward to seeing what you make of this.
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    Brake Discs, again!

    How much is a set of front and rears?
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    Considering FF

    As always (or for once?) the voice of reason.
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    Escalating clutch repairs... who is at fault

    Before you issue a claim, write to the MD about what you are seeking and why and give them the opportunity to respond, say 14 days, otherwise you will be issuing proceedings. If issuing proceedings, use It is quicker and slightly cheaper than using the hard copy...