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    RX05 AUT 4200

    Anyone own her on here? Just watching a Bangers and Cash and spotted it in owners lockup. Looks like a good low mileage example.
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    Potential Levante Owner

    The colour
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    Urgent pedal decision.

    To be fair. Most Maserati brakes are underrated.
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    Urgent pedal decision.

    Great. So if you get rid of the brake pedal you go faster?
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    Urgent pedal decision.

    Nah gonna change to frosted for sure.
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    Urgent pedal decision.

    Accelerator and brake on ebay are 60 each at present but I don't like the accelerator design with the dimples as it doesn't match the brake and then Stindigs dead pedal is mc version so doesn't match either. OCD.... Or I can buy an MC set for £500 not!!
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    Urgent pedal decision.

    Yeah don't think the flash photography helps. My issue with the embossed is it is very rounded.
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    Urgent pedal decision.

    Mine are rubbers and hence rubbish.
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    Urgent pedal decision.

    Ordered my pedals from Ultimate went with Shiny anti slip and asked if they can put logo on the brake. I have 2 choices. 1st pic is embossed and $30, 2nd is raised engraving for $40. I am favouring raised engraving at the moment. What are peoples thoughts? And should I change from shiny to frosted?
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    Car you vowed to buy as a lad

    Lovely. Can't beat a bit of 80's Ferrari. Bet the kids love it.
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    Does anyone have a robotic vacuum cleaner?

    At least we have not resorted to the performance of tena men versus supermarket own brand yet. 0-2litres in 1.5 seconds If you have been affected by the topics in this comment please visit for assistance or do one... :D
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    I am looking forward to our SM visit. Now you are just bloody teasing us!
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    Does anyone have a robotic vacuum cleaner?

    Makes me laugh. Pistonheads gone from talking about cars to hoovers. :laugh:Must be the age of contributors
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    Granturismo problem!

    If they provided you a steering wheel!
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    Updated trims

    I could say Roger Des, but some in here will take that literally. Good luck!