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    Anyone looking for a Strad Centennial

    Keep up Ewan :)
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    612 Scaglietti - I blame Richard Grace!

    Excellent all round!
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    Granturismo 4.7 S MC Shift for sale

    Suggest you put some more interior pics up on the ad. GLWTS
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    Ferrari Roma - Test Drive

    This sums up modern cars for me, so yes I care about it, and I am out :) "All told it hadn’t been particularly easy or hassle-free. It was the low level irritations: the letterbox load bay opening that leaves the bootlid at perfect headbutt level, the purpose designed phone slots that are too...
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    Selecting Neutral in Gransport to save clutch when stopped in traffic?

    I drive exactly as I would a manual and so put in into neutral
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    Auto 100, Nottinghamshire, Any experience?

    Heard it a few times now from some of our customers. Some very bizarre goings on out there.
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    Project anyone?

    Super cool cars, but a lot of work there
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    Granturismo Stradale 2018. Seriously looking to purchase. But what to look out for

    Which also answers your question as to the biggest difference OP
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    Very nice - welcome to the Forum, getting to be a few of us on both Maserati and Alpina :)
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    Haynes breakfast club

    Of course it will - change of plan for me, will be in the Alpina
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    Haynes breakfast club

    I am somewhat at the mercy of my friend and we are leaving earlier from his I believe as we are also meeting someone else somewhere else - you will be able to spot us there as his is a bright yellow Hillman Avenger Tiger!
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    Haynes breakfast club

    I cannot join the convoy as diverting via a friend's house, but see you there!
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    Haynes breakfast club

    Jasst Hashluck (in Aston)
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    Haynes breakfast club

    I don't think there is one on the 20th, they changed the dates, one meeting a month now