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    Delta S4 Replica Project

    Agree ... but there is still a whole lot of work left to get this running (yet alone on the road).
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    What’s this little box

    I got my first year paid for when I bought the car .... it was absolute shite. Kept getting calls and texts from Vodafone when the car hadn't moved and when I forgot to take the fob, not a f#cking thing! I was expecting a challenge in getting insurance without a tracker but no issues at...
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    considering a Grantorismo,

    Not so sure about that - my GT is significantly better on fuel than other 'comparable' cars I have owned and driven.
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    Project Rekall – Shamal/Ghibli restomod

    Not sure about that. At first glance I thought 'wow that's kinda cool' but the more I look, the more issues I now have with it.
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    I'm yet to find a spare set of wheels at a price that makes sense so I just swap the tyres. I know that there are plenty of Pirelli haters on here but I have Sottozero 3 fitted and they are superb. Excellent cold weather and wet traction and surprisingly quiet. In fact they are so good IMO...
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    Gtechniq Crystal Serum Ultra

    I have it done to all my cars - in part because I am lazy when it comes to cleaning the daily drivers. A quick bucket clean followed by a rinse with a hose and a dry has it coming up very nicely in next to no time. And with a bit more effort, the results are stunning.
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    The other birds thread

    And her daughter too :)
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    Torque wrench I've got 2 of these .... very happy with them and they have a lifetime guarantee :)
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    Gtechniq Crystal Serum Ultra

    I had the 9h applied to mine when I bought it - bloody brilliant
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    Halfords advanced socket sets all 1/2 price

    +1 My imperial sockets are a mixed bag mainly inherited from my Grandad (who was a race mechanic) or stolen from my Dad (mechanical engineer) so all decent branded stuff. My metric sockets are all Teng or Halfords. Teng was the best I could afford at the time but now everything new is...
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    Stradale purchased

    I presume you mean you didn't use the car rather than didn't need the tyres? Mine go on when average temperatures drop below 10c and go back on when average tyres go above 10c.
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    Maserati Owner in Texas Howdy Ya'll!

    Welcome - I used to spend a good amount of time in Houston when I worked for an Oil and Gas firm
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    Cover Band Names

    One of my favourites is an Indian Elvis impersonator - Patelvis :)
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    The other birds thread

    A mate of mine used to use the landlady at our local as his litmus test ... he always said he wouldn't touch her with mine and as soon as the beer goggles changed that, he went home before he got himself into trouble :)
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    Stradale purchased

    I change tyres