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    Back in a GT

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    Maserati owners list.....please add your Maserati!

    Merak SS: 1 Belfry Khamsin: 1 Khamsin433 Bora: 1 Team CGR Merak: 1 Pete BiTurbo: 2 Outrun, Bonnett 2.24v Biturbo Spyder Zagato: 4 Cedfred, Needamaser, Minardirule, Marco07 Shamal: 1 Merak_SS Ghibli: 5 Simon M, JDB, spacecadet, Hurricane52, Bonnett Ghibli GT: 3 Malc, Ian Roberts, Rcw13...
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    Credit Hire Vehicles - A Cautionary Tale

    Hi, I had an E39 M5, fantastic machine and had it 4.5 years which for me is a long time. Sold it for buttons and look at the prices now!!
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    Credit Hire Vehicles - A Cautionary Tale

    To be honest it all went really quickly and i was still a bit shaken up from the crash, they called me, said they were sending a courtesy car out to me and that was that. I would never have questioned it anyway. They accepted full liability for the crash straight away as he hit me at 50 in the...
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    Runflat tyres

    I had them on my 335i, took them off and transformed the car.
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    Runflat tyres

    Hi, i have not had them on the GT, however any car i have ever had them i removed instantly. Always found them loud and **** after 5mm or so, i would imagine it would have a large impact on the firmness of the suspension due to less rubber.
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    Credit Hire Vehicles - A Cautionary Tale

    Hi, i have just had a court summons for the same thing, i was given a Mercedes C63 AMG for 5 weeks after my M5 was written off, the bill is 15k. Absolutely ridiculous, my lawyer still thinks it will not go to court. Fingers crossed
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    Dreaded MOT day!!

    I had 3 this month, Gt perfect, Saab £300 and wifes BMW £330. My mechanic is a good mate of mine, last year he passed my wifes car but said it had a broken spring, he was too busy but said can you bring it in next week, guess what it failed on this year!!
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    Dreaded MOT day!!

    So after 5 weeks without even moving my GT today was the day. Glad to say she started without any fuss and passed with flying colours. No advisories and all is well. Really missed driving her and took her on a nice 50 mile journey back home. Was planning not to use her too much during winter but...
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    Car you vowed to buy as a lad

    Always wanted an 8 series, was fortunate to have one a few years ago. Wish i had kept it as i sold it for buttons. Attached the only photo i could find!!!! Just checked and no mot since 2012, year after i sold it.
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    Stuff you've found on TV worth watching

    Watching Riviera, series 3, episode 3 a nice granturismo gets put in the crusher!! Sounded lovely when it was started in the underground garage before that though.
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    Anyone Do Rev Comps on here ?

    I know two winners, one on rev comps and the other dream car giveaways, 1st mate won a Mustang, next mate an RS7 and then 1st guy won a Rolex. Im on it all the time but win feck all!!
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    Pic of the day

    Beautiful day in Scotland for a beer whilst staring at the Mazza
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    Treated her to a machine polish

    Haha, she has plenty cleaning products!!