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    2006/56 VOLVO XC90 SE LUX 4.4 V8 PETROL FOR SALE

    Hi Rockits, I was quite tempted by these as you can put a fancy exhaust on and they actually sound really nice! Went for the newer style (and smelly diesel) in the end, but good luck with the sale.
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    2012 v 2013 GTS Facelift

    Are you getting back in the fold Christian? I believe you bought mine a few years ago now!
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    Stradale coming tomorrow!!!

    Thanks will check them out!
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    Stradale coming tomorrow!!!

    Seriously stunning car! Also your garage doors are very smart! Where are hey from?
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    GTS MC shift Exhaust flap question

    Hi, I believe they're either open or shut. However it could be that as they're mechanical they may get stuck half way occasionally, or just one side is opening and the other is fully stuck! People do sometimes have problems with the valves sticking/rusting perhaps over. I've never had valved...
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    When did the GT S become a Sport?

    You may well be correct sir, I have no idea!
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    When did the GT S become a Sport?

    Marvellous! I believe the sport has the same super fast mc shift gear changes whilst still having smoother when not in sport etc etc, and no clutch issues. Open to corrections. It sounded good when I put my 4.2 with Larini next to it though
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    When did the GT S become a Sport?

    Ewan, I think Fangio's pretty much fits the bill there?
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    Hi all, old bloke looking for a toy

    For sure if I was to have a 4.2 again I'd go for the Larini with valves. I think that would be better for me than linking to sport mode as one doesn't always want the looser traction control, I just like SOUND! It did transform the car for me and I loved it. Hope you're keeping well.
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    Hi all, old bloke looking for a toy

    Hi, (thread drift alert..) After nearly 2 years off I am back in the industry luckily! Had a 135i bought at 12k miles and sold by total coincidence back to the same chap through auto trader. Very funny. He didn't even realise it was his car when he rung me up... I now have my dream car (volvo...
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    Hi all, old bloke looking for a toy

    Having bought Fangio's previous car, I can thoroughly recommend this one too. Was good doing a deal over a handshake too! If only I was anywhere near being able to have my dream car back again I'd be buying this in an instant. I still annoy my wife every time I mention the Maz
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    A huge thank you to CatmanV2 in helping to make our Maserati engagement road trip a reality!

    Congratulations Will, it looks like a lovely trip! Catman, what a incredible show of generosity, which sounds like it will be remembered for a very long time. I salute you
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    And another lovely QP GTS but 4.2

    Looks lovely. Incidentally my Granturismo reg was LJ08FHY!
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    Sick of paying your NavTrac subs, how about this ?

    When I had my granturismo I had a cobra nav track already installed. I asked insurance how much less it would be if I had it activated and they said it would cost more as it was a modification! Typical standard insurance company who also didn't have a box for 'car port' as opposed to garage! So...
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    Top Gear!

    Bingo! I was trying to keep far away from the woman next to me who they'd just placed there but she stank! I saw the qp and hoped they'd buy it for a brief instant... Though it's not the most Japanese of cars